Friday, July 15, 2011

DIY- A snail of a time

Once Upon a Snail, How I Met your Snail, Like Snails for Chocolate, How Snail Got Her Groove Back, For Snailed Girls,

Wow, allusions are so fun, unlike capitalizing proper nouns. Good thing this is only a blog and not an assignment some educated person is going to grade me on. So, yesterday was a bad day, failed outfit post, I blame my styling and the photog, who can be blamed for other things i.e. bringing me into this world! I even deleted the "before" pics of these dear snails when they were brown. Who ever heard of a brown snail? Thats what I thought when I saw them at the swap meet and purchased them both for $1.50. The spray paint I purchased to color them though, was not so cheap, had to spend $6.99 on the primer and another $6.99 on the paint because I was using metallic paint. Next time I will go the flourescent route, only one can of paint. I think I originally saw this project on Honestly...WTF blog, where they painted some crocodile figures gold and silver. So I say to you, if you have some lame ass statues sitting around and really want to take them to the next level. Or if you're Mary Mary quite contrary, and you need a little garden decor, paint something ordinary.

Yeah, shake it for mama! The paint, you weirdos. 

This one just got back from Cabo. That's why she has a tan. jk jk. I put more paint on this one, so it looks more magenta. Which one do you like better?

Be back to my normal outfit programming later today hopefully. Is it me, or do people take the weekends off from blogging or checking blogs?

Shout outs to all my new friends, I look forward to getting to you know you and your blogs!

Much Love,


  1. Very cool looking snail, we actually do have a couple of lame statues in the back yard, so this post gives me a little inspiration! & on your last comment... I actually never have worked out before, but recently my friend bought me that hand held shake weight, well it really works, you can feel the burn in like one minute... but I must say you do look a little lame doing the exercise :D & also I go walking with my mom to keep her company (sometimes) : DD

  2. I love how you pip up your chola snail car.
    does he have wheels? I took a break yesterday too much cosas to do.

  3. Haha, that's so awesome! Such a cool colour!

  4. Pimped snails!Yeah!
    It smells like the start of a crazy garden snail collection.Still,beats those bloody gnomes!

  5. U're truly master of the funny and electric DIY projects!!:))

  6. Ahahahahaha your blog is BLOOMIN BRILLIANT!!!!

  7. Aww, I love that. Its soo cool! & its one of my favourite colours too!


  8. omg!! this looks so adorable and yes love love and even drooling over ur DIY platform feels..

  9. I like them both, very much. I'm glad I'm following. I hope you return the love! [:

  10. looks cute (:

  11. Bawwwww. She's so cute now. I would've went for gold because I'm lame and classic but I love this look too :P Where is she going to be living?

    Also I usually spend the weekends checking blogs but I don't think anybody else does...I always see a slowdown in traffic on the weekends. :/

    Castle Fashion

  12. Ha! Nice DIY! so fun! I love the color!

    moonstruck exposé

    x. juliana

  13. They are so cute! I saw some plastic pink flamingos in a shop near me. Truly awful paint jobs but I might buy some pink & gold glitter and make the most horrifically trashy sculptures ever.


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