Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Buenas Noches feat. Girrr

Meet Girr, my friend/photog of the day's dog. I thought it would be great to work with live animals and prepped him by grooming him on the couch with belly rubs. I think it was the leash that scared him, or his pregnant mom laughing so hard her baby was pushing on her bladder and she was trying not to pee as she took these photos of us. I think maybe it was the hat that scared him, but I'd go one way, and he'd go towards Caitlin. Not a way to walk a dog.

Come on Gir, let's be friends. I love dogs. Snoopy, Snoop, Bow Wow, Clifford, Chili Cheese, Lassie, and I still have Chris Brown on my old Ipod. 

hat- forever 21 many moons ago
top- thrifted nightgown I cut short in the front and let hang in the back
skirt- thrifted 99 cents
belt- thrifted 99 cents
vintage domino bracelet- made by me
shoes- TJ Maxx, no, im not a Maxionista. I was depressed and at a weak moment, purchased retail.

Besos from me and Girrgy.

The moral of this blog was not about how animals have souls, or how they are our friends, or about my allergies to them which I failed to mention. That would be too easy.

The moral of this post was that nightwear is great for day. When thrifting, always head to the nightwear section and see what you can find to turn into a top, dress, skirt, whatever. Caitlin suggested I wear something over this red lace slip, to give it a peek a boo effect and I did. I can't sew, but I have done a thing or two with a pair of scissors. 

Buenas noches all day long in your nightwear,


  1. you look gorgeous!
    love your dog is so lovely...
    kisses from Costa Rica! :)

  2. hah I like dogs to, as in snoop dogg haha;)
    Love your outfit stylish lady:) the dress is so cool! you look stunning!:)

    Farah from FashionFabrice

  3. Good suggestion from Caitlin! I love the effect the skirt has with it.. I like your wedges so much, I feel the same way, a moment of weakness and not buy at a thrift store. I barely ever do it though.. thrift stores 4 life. haha ^-^

  4. Hahah I love this little story! And agree that nightwear is sometimes even PRETTIER than day wear, I have several tops that were nightwear and just WAY too nice to leave for the bedroom!

    Sadie x

  5. I love your story today. And your description of yourself in your profile. Made me laugh. great thrift shopping advice too. The last shot is precious. Xxxx

  6. Awww, the last photo :D really love the hat too!

  7. You looking muy elegante amor.
    I know Ernie our chihuahua didnt want to cooperated last time we took fotos.
    I love the idea of cutting a vata, making it into day wear. I love showing my bra tambien.oooh your wearing the dominoe bracelet. I love mine, gracias
    verdad is weird how you can know a lot about a person without actually meeting them.
    te cuidas

  8. si animals do have souls sometimes they are first to greet you in the other world.

  9. Your photos with the dog are adorable! Nice combination of gorgeous outfit and cute doggy:-) Great post!
    Ask Erena

  10. Awww!! These pictures of you and your dog are darling. Following your blog now!

    XO, Liza
    fashion over groceries

  11. So creative! I have a nightshirt I'm thinking about wearing in a post soon!

  12. You are too funny! I love this post...the outfit, the humour, the photos...and especially the puppy dog. Love this post!
    Dressology HQ

  13. Whoa! I did not know that was a nightgown at first! You're right...sometimes I think some pajama wear is a little too nice to just be slept in. I will definitely keep my eyes open in the nightie section. :)

  14. Nice outfit and cute dog!

  15. Nice outfit, i love your hat !

  16. What a cute little doggie!

    I love your floppy hat and your bright skirt.

    Thanks for the comment. Would love to see pics of your mom in her wedding romper, that sounds so cute!


  17. nice outfit!

  18. Beauiful girl! really like your post<3

  19. haha the box was a pretty hefty size. ah you're a small girl too! haha i'm a whole mass of 5'1 so these shoesies are making me a giant 5'7 !! :)
    love your beautiful floppy hat :) xx

  20. you are a thrifting queen... i love that hat!!

  21. Floppy hats are sooo cute this summer!! Great idea for the night gown too
    xoxoxoxo Sophia

  22. Love the floppy hat and the idea!

    p.s. the dog looks petrified in the last picture.


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