Wednesday, July 27, 2011

State Fair

Last night I went to the state fair. It was one dollar ride day and kid's day so there were a lot of mocosos (snotty nose kids) running around. Oh yes, and junior gangsters.  We knew it would be an eat-o-thon since the fair has such a variety of food choices. They also lowered their prices last year because no one was going anymore. First thing we ate: friend cream cheese and cheese on a stick from Hot Dog on a Stick which we could have gotten from the mall but oh well. After some Dippin' Dots, it was officially time to put our lives in some carnies' hands.

After our aerial view the worst was confirmed, yup, no log ride. What kind of show are they running here?

"Shoes on a Gondola." I thrifted these for 3.99! They were a mess, so put them in my washing macheeene with bleach. They still have a little ink stain but I think its cute. It's like, "a squids eye was here." 

Look I some lady won a fish! She gave it to me cause she didn't want it. 

True love buys you a $6 something onion blossom you don't eat. It lacked seasoning and had too much grease.

Moral: True love feeds you but strangers give you pets,


  1. LOL @ that last line!!! Loved your pics chica.

  2. hahaha junior gangster made me laugh! i love your parrot earrings :) it looks like so much fun, they don't have anything like that in london! sucks! looks so fun, without the snotty nosed kids ofc ;) xxx

  3. Looks like so much fun! I love your colorful head scarf and earrings ...and LOL to your comment today, and it's not far off from the project I am working on at the moment!!!

  4. I love fairs ,but the weather is too hot for my migraine self.especially the food, yeah if they dont season my food , I wont eat it. como aqui no tienen sason. cute ink shoes and tu novio cute hat. My dad always said that cholos will only buy you una hamburgesa de un dollar.

  5. bidi bidi bom bom, i heart selena! i really wish state fairs existed here, it looks amazing. We just have a seriously unstable looking big wheel (i believe it's a ferris wheel in the states) every halloween in a car park....deep fried cookie dough and oreo cookies, who comes up with these things!

  6. Look like you had a great time!
    Love your sun glasses, and these parrot earrings are awesome!

  7. oooo you're making me crave some delicious fair food! i love the pic overlooking everything!


  8. These photos are stunning, especially the aerial shot of the fair. Wow!

    I love your parrot earrings. They are adorable!

    And haha who doesn't love fried carnie food?! ;)

  9. State fairs are always fun except that everything is so damn expensive and you seriously gain like twenty pounds in the span of a few hours from eating everything in sight! Looks like it was fun.. Haha you two look great together!

    All the best, Angel

  10. Ooo,that looks fun! I'd love to go to a State Fair.We rarely have anything like that,and never as cheesey if we do! Some of that food sounds painful,though.I wonder if the guy blowing chunks had been eating it?!
    Your boo is a total cutie,btw!!!

  11. I'm obsessing over your earrings and sunglasses. You look so cute! And I looove fairs. I went last night but looks like you had better food than me! I only got to have a spiral potato with cheese, fried oreo sundae and fried pickles. I was going for more but all the food booths closed. I was so sad!

  12. Sophia!!! your blog is adorable!!!

    Que padre que vivias en puerto vallarta, México es lo máximo!!!!

    ps. your sunnies are to die for!!!

  13. alsdjlakdj I LOVE FAIRS. They're so much fun. I'm such a sucker for those things. I actually wanted to work at a local fair this summer (preferably at a games table so I could have a lot of cheesy jargon) but I just... didnt. haha. Anyways. Looks like you two had oodles of fun! These photos are so awesome.

  14. aahh! I LOVE state fairs SOOO much. ahh I can't wait for the Minnesota Star Fair!! yay yay! Your partner sounds like a good guy to go to the fair with.
    Also yayy for the gold fish! I love my pet goldfish! He just turned 2 :)

  15. 3,99? 3,99? 3,99? (I swear if I could caps lock numbers I would have done it) THREE POINT NINETY NINE ? Oh god, I can't breathe!
    loved your comment girl, and your bag and your air and everything!

  16. Yay to: hot bf (hello!), charity Chucks and the parrot earrings!

    Boo to: Shit food, dude puking and no log ride! (I don't even know what it is but if you want it, I want it for ya!)

    Also, your headscarf is ubercute!

    Sarah xxx

    PS Did I mention how awesomehot you man is??

  17. your writing is so cute and funny! it sounds like such a fun and eventful evening! i live for fairs and carnivals... all the greasy food and sugary treats are such great thing to look forward too. i'm a little sketched out by the rides, but love playing games <3shelby

  18. That events looks so fun!!!!

  19. I enjoyed reading this post & looking at the pictures. Look like you guys really had a good time. [:

  20. You should watch my my vlog post " No Need For Apologies, I'm Not Broken. " :D

  21. Every time you comment on my blog I laugh out loud. You are SO flippin' funny!! And this post is HILARIOUS. And you made me homesick....the greater freak show with a side of freak food! But you got a free fish (not fried) outta the deal!!! SCORE!! Thanks lala for visiting me, you make me miss my friends and home, but you always put a GIANT one of these on my face : D ps. your dude is a cutie-pie.

    Dressology HQ

  22. oh wow! lovely pics and amazing place !
    Thanks 4 the comment I'm ever so happy to read it!


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