Monday, May 2, 2011

Hollywood Hike

What do you do when you run out of money to do exciting things? Take a hike. We took the hike up to the Hollywood sign and I have to say it was more fun than anything that costs 10 dollars. Get off the 101 N on Beechwood, and ride the street till it ends, park it like its hot, and hike for 2hrs. This is not a hike for amateurs or freaks in heels and Seven jeans (really, we saw someone like that). It gets steeper as you go on so bring your puffer. The view up top is pretty awesome. We started our hike I think around 6, so we got to do most of it in the shade. I cant imagine doing it in the sun. Look at all our exciting fotos.

My niece and me.

Me and my boyfriend, me and my boyfriend.

Griffith Observatory

CC and I doing what we do best, playing with random dogs.

On the way up, a good looking point.

If you are in able condition, I highly recommend doing this hike. Its pretty legit, except for the horse sh*t  part of the trail. 


  1. that looks like a great hike! maybe next time i'm in LA, i'll try that instead of taking a bus up!lol. me encantaron tus fotos!

  2. Great view when you reach the top.

  3. Heeyyaaa chick how ya been??
    aww thanks soo much :D
    Yeah I did get to keep it you know ahahha - quite happs about that ahaha, also you can buy them online, just click shop and then put in tops and it should come up :) xx

  4. Hi lovely, thanks for your kind comments!!!! I totally want to know your story in México??

    Send you a hug

  5. Looks like fun! Lots of love from me to you XXX

  6. Hi dear! Congrats, very nice blog! And you and your boyfriend are such a cute couple!! :))
    Thanx for stopping by and for the comment! Following, of course!! :p
    Elisabetta - Bread, Butter & Fashion


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