Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Haunted

Last Saturday my mother fell into a temporary paralysis. It wasn't her usual state, hair greasy, face flushed, asleep on the couch. She was wide eyed on the couch, sitting up, hour after hour. I left the house, borrowing her car to go on a vintage Levi hunt and when I came back she was stuck in the same spot. She was so tuned in to watching whatever it was, she did not tend to her wifely duties such as feeding my father and washing the dishes. I finally went over and suggested we get out of the house and before we could solidify plans to get our "hooves done" (pedicures), I too was sucked into what she had been watching for hours, "The Haunted" on Animal Planet. Second to none, not even Pitbulls and Parolees, this show takes the blue ribbon of all Animal Planet programing. Heck, not even eel fishing in murky waters on River Monsters, has given me such the willies. This show is about real people and animals and their real life experiences with haunted spaces. Gee Willikers, it's scary. I'm not a fan of ghost shows but this one is Fantasia Fo Real! Best thing was, it was on all day. So there we sat watching it a couple more hours before I finally could break away to get my pedicure. It really is informative as well. I now know to investigate my home's history before moving into it. You know, just to make sure there weren't any suicides in my bedroom, or animal sacrificing cults in my servants quarters. It was so scary, it made me almost want to go to church...almost. I have had my own experience with the paranormal but nothing like in this show. Check your local listings for more info. 


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