Saturday, April 30, 2011


Greetings from the best place on earth. Geez Anaheim is a blast. I could have spent all day at Disneyland. It was the perfect Tuesday to go. There were hardly any lines to get on anything. Me and mah man chose to wear our lightening bolt shirts. Cuz baby you're a lightening bolt. Come and let your electricity jolt. He painted my shirt for me. The shirt went perfect with my Melody Ehsani lightening bolt earrings he bought me for V-day.

"Captain EO, It's the new country bear jamboree. You just get to sit there and chill for 25 minutes," my niece.

Megan turned out to be quite the scaredy cat. Who knew she was afraid of the dark? I do now. Who knew my bolt was crooked? 

Matterhorn. Thats whats up.

From my "Im so vain cause my accesories are so fly series 1."

Im so vain heres another pic showcasing my bracelets.

As magical as a royal wedding.

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  1. Great Disney pics, I haven't been there in ages, looks like it's time to go! :D


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