Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My dress was more vintage than the wine

Wine tasting to me means 5 dollars till crunkness. My feathered featured friend Janessa and I went to taste some wine at this beverage store walking distance from her house. She said we should get there early before the "old people get there." Plan failed. It was already popping by the time we got there. Afterwards, we had some real drinks at a bar walking distance from the store. Walking distance as in through rocks and sticks. I survived the trek and made Janessa photograph me to make the night bloggable. Later that night I awoke with an asthma/allergy attack from too much fun outdoors and quality time spent with Hurley, Janessa's beloved bull dog. Or maybe it was cause Hurley licked my boyfriend's face, and then I licked it. Oops.

I survived the walk. I didnt have a slip for this dress so I wore a nude colored spanx number underneath.

What a trek

With Janessica. How crunk was I? Crunk enough to eat the tentacles off the calamari when I dont even like calamari. Crunk enough to ask if there were Italians or Mexicans working in the kitchen. Not crunk at all.

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