Friday, May 20, 2011

Nature vs Nurture: The Makings of a Hello Kitty Lover

Are Hello Kitty lovers born or made? If you weren't lucky enough to be born to a breast feeding, Hello Kitty loving mother, hopefully, you took it upon yourself to become a fan of Hello Kitty. There is no other cartoon that I love more. Such a simple design, doesn't even have a mouth, and it still has endured after all these decades. When my mother ordered this Hello Kitty pi~nata for my 1st b-day she was really saying, "Sophia, I love you. And I care about your style." 25 years later they are making Hello Kitty in a lighter shade of brown. Such an equal opportunity brand. I love Hello Kitty till I D.I.E. and when it is my time to procreate, u know I will be swaddling my baby in a HK blanket.

Here I am, Sophia sophisticated in my HK tank, H&M skirt, and thrifted blazer.

My latest HK purchase, an Ipad cover. Dont ask me what it really protects since the delicate part is the screen but hey it sure is cute, and guarantees my dad will keep his paws off of it. Even though it is kind of his...uh...err..

My latest creation. DIY Hello Kitty charm bracelet. I bought those little cell phone charms off a man at the swap meet. Then I snapped their things off and connected them to some chain.

Vintage Me, and Vintage Hello Kitty inflatable chair. 

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