Saturday, April 21, 2012

New in shop

True friends agree to model clothes for their pregnant friend with an Etsy shop. Honestly, I was so excited that Maricela told me yes when I asked her to do me the favor. I don't think I have a friend with cooler hair than she. Her Zumba circuit body is on point and she fit into most of my goods. Overall, it was just a really fun day. More exciting for her because she couldn't even see what she looked like in the clothes. There was no mirror in the room she was changing in/taking pictures. These items are now listed, if not already, in my shop here Enjoy the pics and my collection.

 vintage halter dress with gold sequin and pearl detailing

80's prom dress with lace, ruffles, and bow.I just love the back of this.

SOLD Mexican boho floor length yellow dress with white embroidery. Large and loosey goosey.

SOLD Ugh, I love this picture. Baby blue Mexican style dress. 

Horsey print Western blouse.

 90's purple "Clueless" dress with rhinestone and gold metal detailing

Cute vintage baby tee. I love typography.

A freakin palazzo pant jumpsuit with dolman sleeves. yeah, I said it. 

SOLD Bidi bidi bom bom, jacket
  Boots still in shop.

These boots in shop too. 

She went home in this one, for all her hard effort. Thanks MP!


  1. OMfrickinG - the palazzo jumpsuit is KILLING me! And I love the gorgeous skirt she took home - fab colour. She's a beautiful model! Sarah xxx

  2. Absolutely lovin' your new stuff!
    Esp the palazzo jumpsuit, don't think i'd be able to pull it off as well as Maricela though!


  3. Great outfits, I Love your friend's Hair.


  4. Your friend's hair is fabulous, she looked awesome in your clothes!

  5. How nice of your amiga to model all your lovely ropa.She looks muy bonita and love her Morrissey pelo.
    love the pealy gold dress and the Mexi light blue vestido.
    I have a similar yellow Mexi-dress like yours.

  6. love some of those outfits, will definitely be checking out your shop hope your pregnancy is going well xx

  7. How'd you get that cool filter on the horsey print blouse? Love it! :)

  8. I wish I could've fit into all of your pieces without having trouble breathing; I would've bought them all! It was good there was no mirror because it made me open to stuff I'd never considered trying on, like the palazzo's and the selena look. leo loved all of the outfits. it was fun. and i just hiked 11.28 miles so I can do it again whenever you want!

  9. Fab clothes and great model - love her hair!

  10. oh no, i have to resist .... recently i bought so much dresses... i shouldn't fall deeper in love with bay blue mexican style dress .... ;)

  11. She's a great model, giving 90s Linda Evangalista a run for her money!

    Hey - I bought a necklace the other day and kind of thought of you when I did so. You may hate it...hmm. Well keep an eye out - I'll post on it at some point soon and if you like I'll wing it over. It's ever so slightly mental (digging hole here...), black and white wooden parrots appeal?

  12. Holy crap! I thought you cut your hair and miscarried! Ok, phew, all is well. (Though I have to say, your friends do is smokin hot.) I also have to say-- that palazzo pant jumpsuit is to DIE for. My heart is breaking...

    How was the convention??

  13. love the 2nd dress!!! <3 i can't wait to meet youuuuu in a few days!!!! ahhhh!!!!! :))))))

  14. OMG that sequin dress!!!! I want it! ^^

  15. Such lovely pieces.


  16. OMG I LOVE THESE PIECES! The first two are my favs, and yes i love the Clueless dress too!! Ahh Clueless! Those were the days :))))

    Sadie xx

  17. Love the vintage black fringe jacket!

  18. omg! what a perfect model! I agree, her hair is awesome and she looks stunning in all the clothes!
    My fav was the baby blue mexican dress! Que Lindo! and those dresses you snagged.... the 80s prom dress and such-- sweet! the lace details are beautiful!
    I enjoyed looking at all your new additions to the shop! :D


  19. Love them all, but the first one is a WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  20. How in the name of Jesus does your friend achieve such a perfect quiff? Seriously, it's unreal. I don't think there's a single item on this post that I'm not now coveting. The palazzo jumpsuit and Clueless dress are personal favourites, can;t believe you're selling them! If they were in my possession I'd never let them leave my wardrobe, and probably cuddle them in bed at night. xx


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