Friday, April 13, 2012

LaSophia for The Citizen Rosebud

It was just like any other ordinary day in Sacramento, me walking about town in my Jeffrey Campbells, blistering the ish out of my feet. There I was barefoot, pregnant, and Mexican waiting for my boyfriend as he went for the car. Was it time to go home? No. I really wanted to check out Fringe, a vintage Anthropologie like store I had heard Miss Bella Q from The Citizen Rosebud raving about for months. I at least wanted to see her curated vintage collection that I knew was for sale at Fringe. I never expected a Rosebud sighting, Bella Q, live, in person.

And then as we walked in the door, I said to my boyfriend, "I think that's her." I could tell from the back of her strawberry red beret, it had to be.

"Rosebud," I whispered as I approached the counter. This Sacramento saint of style, I couldn't call her by her real name.

She turned around.

"I'm Sophia."

"Sophia, LaSophia!" she recognized me too, somehow behind all my amateur Picnik photo editing techniques.

I had never met a fellow blogger IRL (in real life) in my over a year of blogging, so this was exciting. She was a real person and we talked and laughed. She offered me blogging advice, taught me new things and gave me a history on straw hats (the food).  Then I took a gander around the store. Then we talked again, and then I left.

Later, I returned to the store to try on pieces from her hand picked vintage. I had a blast, but had just had my camera cleaned and didn't realize it was on manual focus. Please mind the fuzz and check me out in her most maternity friendly clothes.

blazer, dress- Citizen Rosebud at Fringe
glasses, purse- Fringe

red kerchief dress- Citizen Rosebud at Fringe
boots- Fringe

It's me, the dodo in the kimono who can't operate her own camera. I fell in love with this piece, really. Maybe it's still there and my mummy can go buy it for me. 

I would wear this to my own funeral.

dress- Citizen Rosebud at Fringe
hat, shoes- Fringe

nightgown and slip- Citizen Rosebud at Fringe
bosom and shoes- my own

If you are in the Sacramento area, check out the collection. It's very simple, check for the tags that say "The Citizen Rosebud." 

2409 21st St  Sacramento, CA 95818

(916) 706-0216

 Bella Q- The Citizen Rosebud Blog


  1. Ok-- first of all, blogger intermingling at vintage hot spots? Too much heaven all at one time. Second of all-- please tell me you bought that black dress. THAT BLACK DRESS IS AMAZING!!!!!!! Girlfriend, you had a good day, no doubt about it. xoxo


  2. Aww, I'm so jealous of you Sacremento chicks - you have the style and the weather! You're looking hawt - love your funeral choice and the polka dots maybe even more. And of course you always look good in red.

    I have only met one blogger and only cos I surprised her at her market stall!

  3. Fun! meeting up with a real blogger - I have yet to experience that! I'm stuck in the virtual world....
    I hope you got the last dress (nighty) YOu look so beautiful in it. x

  4. EEEEEK! You got to meet The Citizen! Gawd help the woman when I meet her (hopefully in June/July!),I'm gonna squeeze and kiss that wnech like a rampant thing!!
    I've been lucky enough to meet a few now,mostly local,and of course,Sarah!I'll get to meet Krista in July,which I am most looking forward to! (O,I'm coming to The States,doh!)
    You are looking totally GORGEOUS!Pregnancy clearly agrees with you,and I love in the spotty frock the best!The kimono is also delicously glam!XXX

  5. Love the red dress and the polka dot dress!

  6. that first piece is gorgeous on you!!! i want one.

  7. nice blog you have dear!

    Wanna follow each other?

    Have a nice day♥

  8. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ojalá pudiera estar probándome esos vestidos en la tienda de Bella, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Estás GUAPÍSIMA!!!

  9. you look so lovely like your blog!
    visit my blog and if you want we can follow each other via GFC!
    have a great Sunday!

  10. Awww awww awww is all I can say con grads on the lil one on the way u look cute as hell can't even tell ur prego and I'm probably so late been ghost on my blog for a while by it u know I love ur style and was pleasantly surprised :-) awww

  11. Loved the polka dot dress! :)


  12. I still cant believe youre pregnant! how far along are you?
    omg are you excited?

    meeting up with bloggers is fun : ) glad your first time was a good experience :)

  13. nice pictures and nice
    theses outfits are so great.
    I like the black ones best!

    Wanna follow each other???

  14. OMG...vintage heaven! Love all the outfits especially the red dress & those fab polka dots! Cannot go wrong with polka dots...EVER ;D Aww I love meeting other bloggers, tis the best part! Would be so ace to meet you too one day! ;D

    Love Aysh xoxo

  15. amateur Picnik photo editing techniques, haha! i laughed out so loud. and wtf what do you mean youre outta norcal for good?! well, youre one of the lucky ones then. i still have a year left at Delta before i can skip town, too. and can i just say you look RAVISHING, sophia! i cannot wait to visit here! last week my bf marc took me to The Beat with him and i just followed him like a lost puppy. i am soo taking him here with me! anyway, hope that you are well sweet stuff <3 talk to you soon <3


  16. ADM (ay Dio Mio) te ves pero hermosisisisiisma con esa pancita que te esta creciendo tan bella!!! Ahhhhhh can't wait to hug her..and you!! :p i LOve the first outfit, chickilla.
    so excited for the conference too!!! i need to plan my outfits this week!!!! yahuuuuuuu

  17. How exciting you met Bella ciudadana!
    I love all ypur gorgeous outfits but most all the Joan Collins polka dot dress.
    Red frocks always make you stand out.
    I'm sure your novio wanted you to buy the red nighty.
    I hope you bought funeral dress and Chino vata.

    1. oh you gorgous ladies really met eacht other, this is so amazing!!! y me encanta el funeral vestido con el sombrerito precioso! cada vez estas más guapa sera el glow verdad? ;)
      un beso mary

  18. awesome post... i really adore the red and the dotted dresses. gorgeous! rosebud is a pretty cool lady...
    oh, i already met another blogger IRL. she is a german girl and lives in my hometown. in march she was one of the verndors selling some lovely clothes on the fashion flea market my friends and i had organized.


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