Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Redlands Farmer's Market

Every Thursday night you can catch my boyfriend and I at our local farmer's market in Redlands, CA. Back in the day Redlands and its surrounding communities used to be bustling with citrus groves, so much that you could smell it from the freeway. These days it's still loaded with fresh produce and we definitely take advantage of it. We buy most of our produce from these local suppliers because of their freshness and prices. I got so tired of going to the grocery store and buying green bananas that I couldn't even eat for another 3 days. The avocados are priced fairly and are ready to go for your guacamole, which we eat a lot. I also looove the hot house tomatoes. Perfect for fresh tomato basil soup which is inexpensive and easy to make or bruschetta. Don't get me started. I've been craving tomatoes so bad lately.

Have you ever seen such a pretty sight? Maybe some of these veggies you've only seen on an episode of Chopped. What to do with those raw beets and carrots? Shred them and make a salad marinated in fresh orange juice and ginger. 

It got cold so we bought a hot cocoa. I also love all the food vendors there. Between my boyfriend and I we got: a Navajo taco, a chili cheese dog, crepes, cocoa, pizza, and donuts. Of course he ate most of it, he's pregnant.

Buy your mum some mums? only 5 dollars for fresh flowers! 

I asked him to buy me some but he said why, so you can put them in another room and leave them there? True, I'm very allergic to fresh flowers in my home.

Downtown Redlands has tons of beautiful brick buildings. I decided to stand next to this one and pose as a robot to lessen its grace.

And if I still haven't convinced you with all the delicious treats, can you at least check it out to find out if you are going to heaven or hell? 

Happy Earth Day everyone! What's your favorite produce? How do you eat it?


  1. Ha! You get to know if you're going to heaven or hell with your sweet fresh locally grown produce! LOL!
    You're looking beautiful!
    Bummer about your flower allergy.

  2. I’m definitely a vegetable kinda girl and the fresher “all natural” the better. One of my favorite things from my recent trip to Cuba is that all the fruits and vegetables are bought in the local fresh market. And really that’s the only way to buy your fruits and vegetables, they don’t sell it in the so-called supermarkets (bodega).

  3. Oh yum, this is such a colorful post I love it! I couldn't choose a favourite produce - I love everything! haha!

  4. I love the farmers market everything tastes better and its not as expensive. You should put your recipe for the tomato soup!

  5. pepino con limon y sal! and now i feel bad about eating your plums....

  6. absolutely wonderful!

  7. Love this post! Look how cute you are with your coffee. And the amazing produce and flowers.... so delicious :)

  8. Love this post! Look how cute you are with your coffee. And love the farmer market finds and gorgeous flowers... so delicious :)

  9. You have jewellery all over you? How amazing is that!

    You're obviously at the healthy stage in your pregnancy - I remember eating loads of nectarines. Of course, that was before the 'double baby's weight by eating cake' phase...

  10. Love the flowers and all the veggies. Hmmmm...maybe I should be eating healthier. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog and congratulations!!!

  11. i totally love the faarmers market

  12. Happy Earth day : )
    my favourite produce....hmmm thats hard I love veggies especially farmers market stuff :)

    I could go for some hot cocoa right now though.

    PS I cant beleive youre 5 months preggo! gah SOOOOOOO excited for you....I want one... lol

  13. Lovely as usual, and adorable in that sweater!
    I love buying fresh fruit and veg at farmer's markets, nothing beats fresh produce.

  14. oh shoot, no thanks to that heaven or hell test. lol. and i loveee farmer's markets! i love supporting mom & pops & local farmers ;-) every summer my house is filled with fresh (and inexpensive) flowers thanks to the market! hope you are doing well sophiaaa <3

    xx james

  15. Mmm that sounds great! I love wandering around markets with a hot drink :)

  16. I love fruta fresca at the marketa!
    I think I need to take the heaven and hell test *evil laugh*
    Your Indian jewellery sweater!
    Mmmm Navajo taco sounds good.

  17. Yo girl, I've been to that farmers market so many times. My aunt and grandma live in Redlands. We used to go there a lot when I would visit them.

    Maybe next time I'm visiting we can catch up and hang out there :)

    So good to catch up with you girl.

    Ahhhh, memories of Cali, love it.

    Hugs, Bella


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