Friday, March 30, 2012

Swap Meet Goodies

Hey hey hey. It's late in the week but here I am, I've been busy getting my ish together in my Etsy shop, finally listing items and not at crazy prices cause I freaking hate when people do that.  I couldn't wait to share with you the great finds I found at the San Bernardino swap meet last Sunday. San Bernardino is the home of the 1st McDonalds, ever. It also also boasts a pretty high murder rate. I think it's 15th in the U.S. these days but don't quote me. Enough of the 187, check out this fancy beadwork!

Sorry, I had to crop out my maternity panty line. gross.

This gorgeous beaded and sequined jacket cost me $9 dollars. I think I was still bitter from our garage sale and people trying to lower my prices so I innocently said to the lady, "Will you take 7 for it?" She told me no, and that it was worth way more than that. I respected her for that. My kinda lady. Of course it was worth more than $9.00. I was just being the same a$$hole that came to my own garage sale.

These shoes have a story, I know, I'm full of them today. I saw them at the Alameda Antique Fair but passed them up as I was running low on cash. And then for days after I could not stop thinking about them and googling "victorian granny boots lace brocade." I decided I would find the vendor on the internet because I remember her having an Etsy shop. Found her on twitter, tweeted her, she listed them for me, and then they finally came home to mama with a note that she accepts ATM, oops.  Here is her blog I found this purse that matched perfectly at a garage sale.

Car emblem necklace made by me, now available in my shop here

And for my last trick, this polar bear sweater I got for $1.00! What is cuter than two polar bears choking one another on a sweater? Don't worry, I'll wait.

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thanks for visiting me.


  1. Qué maravilla de botas, ahhhhhhhhhhh. Me encanta todo, Sophia.
    Y llevas toda la razón del mundo no sé por qué tienen que poner esos precios en ETSY. Yo ni me acerco.
    Mil besos y feliz finde.

  2. Wahoo I think I see a bump! Exciting!
    And what do you mean 'maternity panty line'?! Those undies are the best thing about being preg! LOL!
    You look fantastic in black and white. x

  3. You're right, I can't think of anything better suited to sweaterdom than auto-erotic polar bear asphyxiation.

    Those boots are perfect on you, glad you tracked them down again. And I am beyond tempted by your Cadillac necklace - did you lever it off yourself, you hoodlum?

  4. i love your sweater! can't believe it was only a dollar, and also your jacket, BARGAIN! ilove the ncklace as well! CADILLAC. love it :D xxx

  5. Luces radiante sexy hermania!
    Asi me gusta ver a a las mujeres embarazadas... bien spectacularmente vestidas.
    What a gorgeous beaded bolero/jacket!
    I know hate when people sale clothes on Ebay/Etsy for 100 times the price. thats Why I rather look elsewhere. I'm saving your Etsy tiendia to my favs.
    love your Victorian granny lace botias, I used to own a pair of them in the 80's ,but mine were plane white no lace,I would wear them with some ruffled socks.
    You crack me up 187,ahahaha
    You look adorable in your polar oso choking Nachio for awhile.
    I need wear my El Dorado necklace more often.

  6. Dude, those polar bears aren't choking each other are they? They are playing asphyxiation games while making little polar bear babies!

    That jacket is the bomb - those boots are KILLER and you get better looking each day. Seriously, could you get any more gorgeous? Also, love the Cadillac necklace SO MUCH.

    Sarah xxx

  7. You look awesome - monochrome is so you, and the polar bear jumper is hilarious, like some weird fetish like bear-bitch slap going on! Good luck with your Etsy shop you have some cool items in there :)

  8. Cute look! I have to say those boots are amazing! I lost my breath for a few seconds. Thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comment. I am following you now, follow me back if you want (:

    xx Sophia

  9. Aaah hun, you blog & new posts don't come up on my dashboard for some reason even though I follow ya, most frustrating! :-/ Anyhoos those boots are GORGUZ! Anything victorian, granny like or lace & I am THERE! And LMAO at the polar bear jumper! Genius ;)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  10. You are seriously rocking that jacket and those lace boots are making me weep with joy! Those polar bears are very odd but in a good way! x

  11. did you get your hair did too? love!

  12. That polar bear sweater is too cool! And I love your stories, keep em up. So glad you got your granny boots in the end and $9 is indeed a steal for that jacket.
    I was super stoked to see you putting Etsy listings up and will be stalking them regularly!!

    Sadie xx

    1. me encanta, el sweater de los osos es adorable!!!! y el collar cadillac es una pasada tambien!
      un beso mary

  13. nice blog..
    we can follow each other if you want..

  14. Love everything in your outfit, perfectly combined together.


  15. oooooooooooooooooooh, those lace booties are so awesome. hahaha, i love their little story.

  16. Holy balls! That polar bear jumper is brilliant! That's the best second-hand haul I've seen in a long time, amd fair play to you for chasing up those boots. Whenever I lose an item like that I'm never proactive about finding them and jst sit in a grump for a few hours. I'll be checking out yr Etsy shop and counting down the days until I have money again!
    Betti xx

  17. I'll take the blazer and the boots please and thank you. :)

  18. Ooooh, you are rocking the boots!! I'm so glad you tracked me down & got the boots. They obviously went to a good home. Loving the whole outfit. If you're ever out at Alameda again, let me know. I'm there every month! And if you or any of your readers like anything in my online store, use my return customer discount code "NickieRocks" for 15% off!
    Thanks again & keep rocking those lace boots! I still think it would be rad to have them dyed...

  19. Oh my goodness, I can hardly even stand those boots and bag, they are so amazing!!!! And you rock them, my dear!

    Thanks again for your lovely comment on my lil blog! Come visit again! I'll be visiting you! Your quirky prose makes me smile. :)

  20. I heart the shoes! I am glad you were able to get them : ) I mean who doesn't want lace on their feet? Sign me up.

  21. Boots + clutch = love!
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena

  22. I lovvvvvve those lace boots.They are beautiful.I would have to slap someones hand if they touched look so cute.Just love the necklace.You and dora have them cool things.

  23. I've always admired that car necklace you made for La Dama, so I mat be checking out your Etsy shop soon.

    And good news - you won my first ever competition! Just email me your address, and I'll send them to you straight away.

  24. Love your jacket, so lovely!

  25. Adorable boots! I love that you were able to find a matching lace purse. Great outfit :)

  26. Hehehe, that sweater is awesome!


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