Friday, March 23, 2012

Snow what

It snowed last weekend. Where I live, it's just at the elevation where you do get snow. It only snows like once a year and I was getting scared it wasn't going to snow because my mom bought us all snow boots for Xmas and it was March and we hadn't used them yet. The snow only last a few days because it's warm so it melts. Gosh this sounds so boring.

My niece and nephew came over and we went for a hike. Of course the diva in me couldn't resist getting dolled up and bringing my DIY sequin platforms along for a few shots. 

coat- vintage, 14 dollars
shoes- thrifted and DIY
thermals- my drawer

 Where's Waldo? Just kidding, that's just my baby's dad. My niece took a nice set of photos of us frolicking through the snow. Would be perfect engagement photos if we were into engagement and weddings and all that hoopla. Instead I consider them our "having a baby out of wedlock series."

I originally wanted to show you my coat collection but I got tired out after the hike. So, here is my other winter coat that my aunt gave to me last summer.  I barely got to wear any of my winter coats this year cause it was such a warm winter. I do have another long coat, it's pink. Use your imagination. 

Bye bye friends and thanks for reading this nonsense.


  1. Love the coats! The blue looks great on you and the shoes are great.


  2. i, like, miss you. i keep telling myself to stay in better touch with my homies but life likes to complicate things. can i just say how beautiful you are?! that coat is amazeballs and you look so angelic in it :) hope you are doing just fine!! and pssst.. its brown rice i cant live without, haha! i am trying to adopt a healthier life style and giving up white rice was hella hard! we still need to hook up at P2000!

    love, james

  3. Don't be breaking your ankle. Seriously. My friend did when she was pregnant - not a happy lady. Love the shoes though, so actually no, keep putting yourself out there for us!


  4. i want the blue coat!!! and i thought, aww, when i saw your baby daddy with you. i don't like engagement pictures either. i attended too many funerals as a kid and they always had a large portrait of the person so that's what engagement pictures remind me off. keep taking pics with your honey, though, and frame them in mismatching colorful frames.

  5. YOur shoes with the sequins are perfect for the snow lol!
    You 2 look so cute together! It's gonna be cute when there's a little face peeping out from the top of that nice big warm coat next winter!

  6. SNOW! Those shoes were BEGGING to be taken on a hike - and your coats are so lovely - I want to see the pink one please. I have no imagination - I used it all up on crochet. And fantasies about Jake Gyllenhaal.

    Sarah xxx

  7. orrrrrrrrrrrrrrale!!!! i never knew it snowed in love the picture of you and Waldo, I mean baby's daddy :P te ves hermosa!!!!!!! so ther eis going to be a a twitter party on either tuesday or wednesday to give away a ticket to the confrence!!

  8. You look great. I want to see the pink coat! I love the sparkly shoes those are very awesome

  9. Love your coats. The blue one is so pretty!!!! Thank you for commenting on my blog. I've started following you. Have a great weekend:)

  10. I love your shoesss<333333 Your great is great:)<3

    Following you:)
    It'll be so nice, if you folow me back:)

    Have a sparkling day!

  11. I love you wearing bafulous rearrings and shoes in the snow. that is stylish, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Beso, amiga y feliz fin de semana.

  12. Love ur shoes !!!!! They look great

    PS but keep the snow with u all I'm enjoying the snow shine.

  13. O em gee! Those shoes are so adorable! Love. Love. Love. Looks so good with your blue jacket :) Congrats for enjoying the snow! Great post and thank you for your comment!!!! Much <3

  14. You are so beautiful! Love you being all diva-ish in your killer heels in the snow! x

  15. this pink coat looks quite amazing in my imagination...

    oh, i love to see those funny platform shoes in the snow. great!

  16. i like the color of the first coat :)
    Love Lois xxx

  17. I've said it before, i'll say it again - what a hottie (yes you AND him!!) You will have a super cute bambino!!
    And can we have closeups of those shoes?!?! I want to copy your DIY! They look so fun!

    Love your coats, the cream one is super chic :)

    Sadie xx

    1. dios no pe mo puedo creer! you have snow!!!!???? well doesn´t matter with this amazing turquoise coat you are stylish prepared;) and those heels are sweet as candy!!! i also love your nude coloured winter coat but sorry my imagination doesn´t work that well so i also need a picture in your pink coat;)
      love and kiss,mary

  18. You look bien elegantisma!
    the color of this gorgeous coat makes your pelo negro stand out.
    loving the prosti high heels. (cuidado)
    How do you have snow? por la montanas.
    Oooo ..would love to see your pink classy coat.

  19. The sequin shoes are amazing!! I love them! :) x

  20. Beautiful photos.They are even more pretty with the your shoes and your coats.xx

  21. Hola! Found you via Nina on the Moon's sidebar :) Nice to meet you! :) and hahahahahahaha LOVE your honesty and humor with the "baby out of wedlock series"! my son was a surprise and you know out of wedlock- so made me laugh! heehee.


  22. Haha! Love how you dig out the platforms for a hiking trip! Looking hot hun, those shoes are amaze! I've been wanting to have a go at DIY shoes for yonks!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  23. Just promise me one thing: please tell me you sound like Renee from Mob Wives when you say "My baby's father". I need to maintain this pristine vision of you I have in my head.

    Nice outfit for a snowy hike, BTW.

  24. Your shoes are seriously the cutest things I've ever seen!

  25. thoooooose shoes are gorgeous!!!xx


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