Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Makeup fun

There are few things I enjoy more than putting heavy makeup on my underage family members. Two of my nieces are 14 and one is 21. For my niece Sera, I chose a light peacock look. You know, something subtle that required scotch tape to make clean lines. Something that would help her stand out at the bowling alley later that evening.

She look like a peacock, or as they say in Spanish, real turkey, pavo real.

I found a video tutorial for the look on youtube. Seems to be the only way you learn anything worth knowing these days.

My next niece got a subtle look. I heard green eyeshadow makes brown eyes pop. Autumn is the brownest person in our family, therefore, she is very special. She doesn't have to GTL, just GL.

Cierra is the first born, 21, and a real diva. For her b-day, she drug the whole family to Vegas. Grandparents, parents, brother and sister, aunts, uncles, and cousins. She goes hard, especially on the dance floor. The cha cha slide is her all time fave.

I called this, "Three knuckle heads on a rock."

And this was my look of the day. I call it, Hello Kitty hobo. I was so busy with the vanity of others, I damn well forgot my own. I think Cierra said this is her fave pic of me. What a hater.

Both of my nieces used my Hana straightening iron that was sent to me. They love it and always ask to use it when they come over. It works really well for them, they both have long thick hair. I don't use it as much cause Im stuck on my old one. Like a granny you buy body wash for, but she still uses her bar of soap, even though body wash is easier to handle. There, I think that was an honest review. Have a fun week and go heavy on the makeup. Its funnnnn. 


  1. You are such an artist, I love the peacock eyes. Your nieces are babes and how cute are you without your makeup? You look about 12!! x

  2. Your nieces look awesome! You have some fab skills there lady....and who cares you are in your PJ's...I'm in mine right now! ;)

  3. Estás guapa con o sin make up.

  4. The green and blue looks great!!


  5. Ahahahahahaha best review ever! :p I love the name Autumn, tell her she has a fan in Canada mija! BTW, ya compare mi boletoooo pa EL LAY. llegamos el 24 de Avril ;)

  6. Your nieces so cute, love the eyeshadow colors.
    cracking up at pavo real.:)
    love your Hello Kitty pijamas bum/Chimoltrufia outfit.

  7. you are a make-up pro. i love all of the looks! i want you to do me. i know, i'll show up in my hobo look so you can do me over. wow, this post took an r-rated turn. sorry.

  8. Ahh you soap using granny, hahaha :)
    Your nieces are beautiful - my fav makeup is the peacock look. I love eyeshadow, just never wear it! I used to wear it all the time, maybe I should dust of the palettes again!

    Sadie xx

  9. This is such a cute post! I love playing makeup lol. Girl I didnt even recognize you in the last pic! lol


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  12. You are awesome with the makeup chica!

  13. wassap guuuurl? long time no blog! you're pretty good at this makeup stuff, hahahaha but the homeless hello kitty takes the cake ;)

  14. If your nieces are only 14 then I guess you might be an underage blogger - you all look the same kind of age (in a good way!)

    I wish my aunties would do my makeup before I went out. No, actually that would be a terrifying prospect, scratch that. I wish YOU were my auntie. That's better.

    And I think I have been very dense haven't I? Are congrats in order? I just reread some old posts and boom - lightbulb finally on. You will be an awesome mama. xxx

    ***To those I follow and who follow me - is my blog appearing on your dashboard? Blogger appears to be losing some blogs I follow!**

  15. Girl you make me LOL so much! :D Awesome make up, gotta love youtube, but I really do think your look is the winner really ;) xoxo

    Love Aysh xoxo


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