Thursday, March 1, 2012

A cold day

With a furry coat, anything is possible. I didn't let winter hold me back from wearing my psychedelic shorts. Weather has been cold here,rainy and depressing. Finally decided to put on some real clothes and stop feeling sorry for myself. 

I look back at my life and realize, when I thought times were bad, they really weren't. But it took me going through worse circumstances to realize that. Recently, I've been through a lot of life changing events. Things a lot of people my age have not been through. I've withdrawn myself from a lot and gotten closer to things I needed. The only things certain in life are sex and death. Good thing I've got a nice wardrobe to keep my spirits up. wah wah wah wahhhhhhh. Ok, Im done vaguely expressing myself.

"La vaca, moo"

coat- alameda antique fair
shorts- vintage- Freestyle
over the knee boots- JC Penneys 

I look forward to being independent again, having my own family, and my own life. Oh, and warmer weather.

March forth, (Maricela's bday, and the moral of this emo post)


  1. Oh girly, we've all been there! I hope your days are starting to get a little sun-shinier! How could life be unpleasant with a superior wit like your own? ;0)

  2. Beautiful words lady :) It's usually when we are struggling that we find how strong we can be. Every step you've taken till this point has made you who you are. Pretty great result I think :)
    I love that coat on you and those shorts are rad!

  3. Amen, sister suffragette!
    If I had a coat like that I wouldn't hate the cold so much.
    Here's to the warmer weather nature's giving me for my birthday....

  4. Well lady, I sure hope you're not depressing yourself - those shorts would lift anybody's mood!!! Onwards and upwards and all that - how can anyone feel down with a fabulous wardrobe?! :)

    I've tagged you in a post!

    Sadie x

  5. I love fur coats!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment!
    You have a wonderful blog here!
    I've followed you, and I would be so happy if you followed me bak =).

    <3 <3

  6. Thank you for the comment! I like your colorful shorts! :)

  7. me encanta tu fur blanco, so amazing and those overknee boots meeeeoow sexy;) pero no me lo puedo creer k hace tanto frio alli :(
    love and kiss,mary

  8. That's my kinda outfit, if you didn't look so hot in it I'd demand you gave it to me. x

  9. bahahaha, I thought that was a real Cow at first glance. Girl, gimmie those shorts <3. Thanks for stopping by my blog my cali sista, Im from the bay myself, boy do I miss home. It looks like to still got it together despite the cold, what is it 65* lol. Have a wonderful weekend Ma Always, SOULBeautiful

  10. nice words... hope life is getting better for you. i suppose 2012 is going to be a good year. i went through 3 quite bad years, that had changed my life radically. 2012 seems to change my life again - but this time in a good way ...
    keep up your spirits!

  11. Hey beautiful! What's up mama? I need to go see if I can figure out what's got you feeling sad! You look pretty like always, and love the cow! Sorry haven't been over in a while, but I'm trying to catch up on my favorite blogs now! I have you in my blogroll now, so I should be able go visit more often:)

    Hugs, bella

  12. Que hermosa en blanco, como un angelito caido del cielo.
    love those sexy botas largas with your colorful shorts.
    I need a white coat its freaking foggy here...any excuse to wear a fur coat.
    La vida da muchas vueltas amor.
    buena suerte
    luv ya

  13. Qué guapa estás Siphia, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Disfruta de tu finde.

  14. I love your blog great style journal!! Stay positive and keep your head up look in the mirror and you will see u have plenty to live for..... just smile :)

  15. you are so precious. whatever happens in life, i hope you will always be happy <3 and lemme just say i want to steal those shorts away from you. hope youre well sweet stuff.

    love, james


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