Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's cookie time

It's that time of year again, no not lent, Girl Scout cookie time. What can be better than deciduous cookies? A deciduous forest? Not even close. This year was cool because I didn't even have to have a live encounter with a Girl Scout to get my cookies. My uncle bought my favorite kind for me "Carmel de-lites" formerly known as "Samoas." I'm glad these scouts finally got their act together and stopped with the cookie profiling of this South Pacific nation.

Vanilla cookies coated in caramel, sprinkled with toasted coconut and laced with chocolate stripes.

I rationed myself to 2 cookies a day, just like World War II times. Actually, customers were limited to a purchase of only 2 boxes. Can you tell I was on Wikipedia?

vintage blazer- thrifted S.P.C.A. (the one that helps animals)
pants- Hollister many seasons ago when I still walked into that dark hole of a store
shoes- Target

I never was a Girl Scout myself. Something about it never appealed to me. Maybe the green vests with strange patches. Or maybe how it didn't teach you any life skills. No, they probably did teach you life skills. Maybe I didn't want to sell cookies. I knew it would never be like how it was in my favorite movie, "Troop Beverly Hills."

If you have not seen this important piece of cinematic history, please, do yourself a favor. Or watch the clip below. It's a catchy tune, I promise.

And my boyfriend says I don't like good movies. ppppfffffffffffff.


  1. Love your Indian chaqueta me encantan tus turquoise medias.
    Ni me ensenes cookies, ahorita ando craving todo.
    Me acuerda de esa movie, was so chistosa.
    I never wanted to be a girls scout either , se las roban.
    You wearing blue eyeshadow?

  2. My box still says Samoas on it. And I too have limited myself to 2 a day-- I put them in my snack-sized ziploc baggie and take them to work and eat them in front of my students as I walk them to recess. I remember that movie. I only watched it because I recognized the redhead from that show with Vicky the robot, I think, and was the blonde girl from Punky Brewster? Can I have your pants? And your necklace? You gotta take me shopping again. Finding something to wear for my bday ruined the entire experience for me.

  3. Ya veo que sabes mucho de cookies. Yo, lo que veo en las películas americanas.
    Qué guapa estás en tu blue outfit, mi preciosa Sophia.

  4. loooove the blazer so much!!!!

    here in germany we don't have scouts selling cookies. ja, scout - no scout cookies.

  5. Love your vintage blazer! So funny how you said "Hollister many seasons ago when I still walked into that dark hole of a store" I agree it's so dark in there!


  6. LOVE your blazer/ jacket. I've never had a girl scout cookie but I HAVE been to Samoa! (Fun fact right there!)
    I was a Brownie and a Guide in the UK - that's our version of scouts. Another fun fact! ahha.

    Sadie xx

  7. Soph, please share the video that there's on my blog. Watch it and spread!!
    It's amazing and shocking. You really should watch it!

  8. You are too cute!! Come to england and hangout with me and Dora!! <3 Mexi babes!! <3 xx

  9. whhhaaaaattttt?!!!

    I have never seen these type of Girl Scout cookies in canada!

  10. that blazer looks so adorable on you! colors palette is great!

  11. omfg i just ordered 4 boxes from my niece. speaking of my niece she looks straight up mexican. seriously i will eat all four boxes to myself. i feel like you wont judge me after telling you that <3 hahaha. hope youre well babe. have a good weekend!

    love, james

  12. Those are MY favorite too, m'ija! I love the Samoas aka delightful Caramels and Coconut cracker goodness! I also love you in that blazer.

    1. pues guapa yo no sé tanto de los cookies como tu solamente que tu eres sweeter as a cookie in that bluish look!;)
      love and kiss,mary

  13. what the heck.. didn't realize they changed the name. lol They are my favorite! Love the sweater in the first pic!


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