Monday, February 28, 2011

Strawberry nails

I dont care if strawberries "aren't in season." I think its subjective. Somewhere in some hemisphere, strawberries are in season. My boyfriend painted me these pretty strawberries last night and I am already having a better day today knowing that although it might still be 57 degrees outside, summer still exists and will come eventually. Or maybe I'm just happy cause I have someone in my life who is so good to me. Someone who cleaned my vomit, made me pancakes that I didnt eat, and didnt judge me when I said I wanted Taco Bell after I ate Mcdonalds 3 hours before. It was a rough weekend but I had fun and am happy that I got to spend time with my baby daddy, no baby. I dont take love for granted. Oh yes, Im 3 weeks sober, no nail biting. si se puede, Sophia.

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