Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Put it in a love song

So it has been almost a year now since Beyonce and Alicia Keys shot their video for "Put it in a love song" in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and Im beginning to lose hope that it will ever be released. At first I was like, oh well maybe they are just taking their sweet time editing it cause its going to be super bomb. Then Alicia got pregnant, then she married Swizz Beatz, then she gave birth to baby Egypt, then she stopped breast feeding, and this damn video is still not out. I wasn't all excited about the choreo, or the song. I was more excited about the location and THE CLOTHES. Beyonce and Alicia wear clothes from Boxing Kitten. Im super in love with the cut and prints of these clothes. Its like vintage 50's and 60's cuts with tribal prints. Boxing Kitten even has another collection out. Thats how long its been since this video was shot. Maybe it will be out by the next World Cup Brazil 2014?  Oh well, we'll always have Rio...

Check Boxing Kitten:

Yup, that's la virgen on her back

A yo B, What up A?

I LOVE this dress from the S/S 2011 collection.

Check the back! cut out so hot.

Also digging this jacket


  1. This collection looks nuts! Love it, the prints look soooo good,
    I didn't know Alicia and Beyonce was doing a video together, oooo can't wait to see :D
    hahahha your comment made me LOL, you know what it is right, I leave my house at 6am for school soo wayyy no time to do it before and then by the time I get back, it's dark hahaha, but its not THAT black when I take the photo's it's like a dark bluish sky, but then the pics always come out like that ahahha, when it's Summer it'll be easier for me to take pics in light haaaa I'm like some sort of vampire right looool xxx

  2. I almost forgot about this video!
    I love Boxing Kitten too .. they really need to release this, yesterday !


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