Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Day Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts, farts and crap. Yesterday I did a craft fair hoping to sell things I'd been trying to work on while I was sick and things that I've made and havent sold yet. The venue I went to was pretty dead. I only sold 3 things. I was very proud of some of my work, or should I say our work since my boyfriend helped me a LOT. We stayed up till 1am procraftinating the night before. Maybe these will inspire some of your own crafts. I love conversation hearts and gluing to them to anything I can. I also really liked the cards I made. Much Love on V-day and every day,

I really liked my conversation heart frames and my Aladdin card. The back has a picture of Aladdin and Jasmine sitting on a magic carpet. I wish someone would sit on my magic carpet...

Various bows and headbands we made. They are paper flowers. I sold one of those big purple bows to a Harajuku girl.

Sold one of these stands and that pair of large bow earrings that I kinda liked for myself but oh well.

My table, my aunt, and my baby daddy, not for sale.

My aunt potted those flowers in my cousins old shoes. bahaha. live flowers.

Cinderella card made from a book page. I really liked it.

The good ole domino bracelet. I dont know how people can not buy these.

Floppy disk card. So cute. The boyfriend pretty much handled this one.

Floppy disk card fro the inside. Happy V-day everyone. Its a day of love, at least its supposed to be. You've got to love someone, somewhere.
Love's not a mystery, It's everything.

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