Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tiger Nails

Today I'm 4 days sober. While on my sickbed last Saturday between making collages and blowing my nose,  I watched a crap ton of nail art videos on youtube. The viewing prompted an epiphany: If I stop biting my nails I can do so many beautiful things with them. I decided then and there that I wanted to "get clean" for the love of art, cold turkey, no nail-biters pussy polish or dipping my fingers in chile. My loving boyfriend (who threatens me daily to start his own blog so that he can steal my blogging thunder) painted the stripes on my nails for me. He wanted to do lightening bolts, but I told him I wanted stripes first. I could have done it myself, I think, but he is an artist so he was better suited for the job. There we were, late at night on my mama's couch....painting. These are just some shots I took with my webcam, Im too lazy to take actual photos. I leave you with some tutorials I found on youtube that I liked. I didn't necessarily like the tiger art tutorial cause the girl talked FOREVER before she got to work and she got on my last nerve but you can't hate on someone who is trying to teach you something for free even though I kinda just did. I still want to do dominoes, neon geometrical, and water marbling once they get long enough. Finally, Im a real girl.

On the phone with the artist

Yah, my man does mah nails y que?

Tiger tutorial:

Neon geometrical nails:

Water marble art:


  1. :o your bf does your nails???
    my oh my that is sooo doppee!!
    Wish my bf could do mine, but he paints my whole FINGER looool

    heyy guess what - I'm actually going to take an outfit photo in the LIGHT tomorrow, hahahaha no more vampire loool xxx

  2. Great tiger look! & 4 days n countin'... I'm pullin' for you girl! beautiful blue ring too.

  3. I put you on my three to follow :p xxxxxx


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