Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hooked Up

My boyfriend hella hooked me up for Valentine's day. I'm so happy with all my gifts, things I've been wanting forever. It was like X-mas.

An emo hello kitty bag, hello kitty earrings, and a shit ton of argyle socks

Expressing the passion for my purse through photo editing.

AND Melody Ehsani lightning bolt earrings and armadillo ring in gun metal. J-Lo has hers in silver cause she's a punk. just kidding. I want them in all colors. just kidding. kinda. not really.

It bends with your finger. So high-tech.

I'm a lucky girl. 

How did your V-day go? Did sweet gift giving lead to passionate love making lead to googling locations to get the day after pill in your area and more searches for online ovulation calculators? Did you and your partner decide to keep the unborn baby and consider it an act of Valentines fate and promise to appropriately name it "Valentino (a)" depending on the gender? Would now be a good time to start birth control or to give birth so your retired mother could have a hobby? This is just the internet. Don't sweat, I'm only hypothesising. The last thing I want is for this to turn into a pregnant fashion blog. But if my time has come, then my time has come. It's the circle of life and it moves us all. A third generation hello kitty lover might be so legit or I may be full of...

BAG: from baghaus or there are some on Karmaloop.
Melody Ehsani jewelry: from her website. 
Mad sweet love: from my boyfriend.
Original scenarios and text: your truly.
Am I still kinda unemployed?: yes. 


  1. wowww someone was spoiled ayee ;)
    loving those lightening ear rings btw! How dope are they!!!
    Okay sooo change of plan, my boyf actually turned up at my house :D was quite pleased about that - his not one for surprises so when I saw him I was like :o ahahaha

    How did the the date go at the indian restaurant? :) xxx

  2. Thats a very sweet boyfriend that you have who (from the looks of it) spoils you alot. I LOVE that ring!! Its so cool


  3. Gosh your a damn lucky girl! The hello kitty bag,earrings and ring ARE ADDICTION!

  4. love those earrings i looked on the site for them but i think they are sold out :-/

  5. I think they are gone now, making room for the new collection :( bittersweet for me.


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