Thursday, March 3, 2011

Once Upon a Bowl Cut

Let's play a game. Have you ever...had a bowl cut? I win. I feel not the need to explain the who what when where why and how of this cut but I will say it has been a bizsnatch to grow out. In retrospect, it looks fun, but Im ready for some long locks again. Having the bowl was cool but unless I had makeup and hoops on, I kinda felt like the little boy I never was. What is the most daring thing you've ever done with your hair? I think I have a lot of hair balls. uh er...To the photos.

Maybe if I put this large yellow rose in my hair people will still think I'm a girl.

True friends embrace your bowl.

Look at that bowl go! Bought my shoes online from Urban Outfitters, lets just say I was gelin that night. They were still a little big.

Sistas in the bowl cause


  1. I think I'm just gunner have some space from him for a while - need to think about what I really want lol

    OMG you look soooo gorg with your hair like this!
    Love the look Sophia it really suits you!!! :D x

  2. I like that hairdo very much!

  3. Luvin' the bowl cut! super beautiful, u were definitely gelin!


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