Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Little Burlesque Monsters

Last night my sister, nieces, mom, and I went to see Burlesque. We had to see it because "For Colored Girls" was rated R and probably too heavy for my 13 year old niece. The best part of Burlesque was coming home from it to do Burlesque inspired hair and makeup. Icouldnt wait for the movie to end so I could go get me a candy apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and get the show started. [My feelings on Xtina: I have never, in all my life been an Xtina Aguilera fan. I think she has a good strong voice, but I dont feel like its ever been put to good use. There is no song of hers that I'd like to play over and over or that moves me in any way. But thats just me.] I did my eldest niece, Cierra, first and thing just kept escalating from curled hair, to gwen stefani updos to me taking the flannel off my own back for her shoot. Autumn Bailey was next, she got a pink and purple look and ended up looking more Nicki Minajesque. My sister said she would maybe let me do her makeup after a few beers, but it never happened. Im supposed to do her a cat eye today before work.  P.S. Ive bit my lip 4 times in the same place while eating since Thanksgiving. Grandmother Willow, is there hope for a little colored girl like me?

 Time for some sisterly action


So tired after all that hard work. Went straight to bed. Cierra was ready for the hookah bar. Loca.


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  1. Thankyou for all of your comments! I love your hair in these photos



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