Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Desert Hot Springs

Yesterday, a gypsy saved my life. Rolling into Desert Hot Springs, CA I saw a store called "Gypsy Land". By the rack outside and what I could see from the back seat of my dad's car going at least 45 mph, I knew it was a vintage store. I had been away from home a week and had not created anything, blogged, thrifted, danced, or exercised. After a rough night in a hotel room with my parents trying to drown out my dad's snoring with Drake, Kanye, and Santogold on my ipod till 3am, I awoke in a bad mood at this mineral spa springs resort while all my nieces and nephew giggled with glee and swam in the springs. I decided I would jog to Gypsy Land and save myself from more conspicuous caloric consumption. "There is a lot of riff raff walking the streets," said my sister after she came back with breakfast from McDonalds. Jog out the window, I ate a sausage biscuit and let them drive me. 2 dresses, 2 skirts, 1 leotard, 3 bows, 2 t-shirts, and 31 dollars later, I walked back to the hotel, bags of clothes in my hands, shooting pictures with my camera, and sipping my VOSS water. A true gypsy. Nothing I love more than shopping alone and walking alone, exploring on my own time.

When I showed my family this dress they said that I already had one like this before when I was little and they have a picture of me in it with white stockings. I know which one they are talking about.

If you go to a hotel and the hallways aren't green turf, run the other way. we some fancy folk.

"You look like you are going to serve us up some margaritas," my sister.

If you like hot mineral springs, this is the place for you.

I will be going back to this place one day. The lady said next time I come tell her and she will turn off the incense since I'm allergic to it. Such a sweet gypsy. Even gave me a free bow cause Im her kind!

Somewhere, over the knee boots, way up high. Rosie and I finally ended our search for over the knee boots at JC Penneys Sat night. I tricked her into taking me there. 50% off. 50 dollas black suede baybay!

This had an "Andy Warhol" tag on it which meant it was 50% off. $7.50 cents later....

Dont act like you dont fodel in the desert in your new digs. I do it, Rihanna does it.. This pic is photographer's choice: Cierra Garcia she's my dope niece who puts up with all my shenanigans.

Hotel we didn't stay at.

So these hobos thought I was taking their pic! haha, I didnt even see them, I was taking my mom and niece's pic on my walk home from Gypsy Land. They were on the balcony. They were like, "Why were you taking our picture?" haha. Riff raff, shmiff raff, they were homies.

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  1. Yes.. vacation thrifting is the best... will have to remember that store!



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