Monday, November 15, 2010

Midtown Bazaar


This picture is symbolic of my life in the 916 on so many levels, I cant even begin to write a poem about it because it would turn voluminous real quick. Meet me in the parking lot, its going down.

First I can start with thanking all zero of my friends for coming out this day. Ok, thats too wicked of me, Im in a wicked mood and I mean that in every American sense of the word. I was rescued at the last half hour by Lisa and Alicia, and her 14 year old posse. "I'm going to pack up my car, you guys go and find me a baby daddy and we will meet up later." Thirty minutes later they had decided to hook me up with one of the girls brothers who "has gages, nipple rings, used to have dreads, is half mexican, has a mexican ex-girlfriend, lives in sac, draws, and is going to Utah on Tuesday." I never met him though, although we did spend a good minute cruising the streets of Sac looking for him on a bike with a blinker,  "This is what you get when you let 14 year olds run your love life," said Lisa to me.

This blog is not about that though, oh how my mind sways like the curves of Beyonce's rumored to be pregnant body. I'm glad I did midtown bazaar, since park your art is over, this is now Sac's biggest market so I was there, I did mah thang and I gained a lot of new friends and new knowledge. Still trying to find my clientele though. I sold nothing but Rosie did drop a few 20's on some dipping oils from the lady next to my booth. They are delicious. 

My outfit aka "diva attire" bit me in the ass later, as I was freezing the entire day. The 4cast was mid 70's with some wind. Not in the parking garage I was shacked up in for 12 hours with no sunlight. I dont know where my bachelors brain got to thinking that wearing fetch fishnets would keep me warm. They are just thread, its like wearing thread with holes on your legs. Felt like I was wearing lace panties in a Norwegian winter. SUCKED! Luckily, dipping oil lady also sold blankets (who wudda thunk) and by 630pm, I could take it no longer, I was wrapped up in some fleece giraffe covered baby blanket. Fashion buzz kill FML. I hope someone gets some LOLz outta this. IF one person laughs, I have done my job. I sound like Anahi preaching about her bulimia, but really, sincerely. enjoy. 

"Sophia, no one is going to buy anything from you if you make that face," my mother. 

They later moved me here. Look at me, making my mama proud.

"Hip hop is culture, and includes 4 elements: breaking, djing, mcing, and graffiti" -Moon Lee.
Well, I brought Tupac on my shirt, posed by this wall, and rapped my ass off to pump myself up for the 12 hrs I was there. "Ima nice girl, with some nice dreams, see these bracelets, see these earrings, eligible bachelorette, thrifted blazer coat, thats whiter than what's spilling down yo throat." I hope Lil' Skateboard P aka Pharrell doesnt mind I switched up the lyrics a lil'. 

Fodeling my CoupedeVille necklace nobody bought. They wouldnt know fetch fashion if it hit em in the face! 


  1. I laughed. I will always laugh, chofs.

  2. Oh and btw--check out my girl Holly's fashion blog--Operation Sparkle. You'll dig it.


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