Monday, November 8, 2010

My First Client

I have known Alicia since she was 4, although neither one of us recognized each other when I reunited with her and her mother a few weeks back. Alicia and her siblings used to play underneath my stairs as her mom lead Jay-nessa and I in a bible study group in my living room, my senior year of hi-school. Now I'm her official stylist. It started with her borrowing my shoes for homecoming and somehow (with my confident encouragement) escalated into me doing her hair and makeup for homecoming. So what if I don't have a hair or makeup degree? I have a B.S. from the University of California which means, I dedicated four years of my life to developing mad research skills. I applied them for the purpose of operation Alicia's first homecoming by consulting my favorite educational source: Youtube, and my fave gurus Kandee  Johnson and Itsjudytime. Kandee for the smokey eye and Judy for the side messy bun updo. Needless to say I was nervous as u know what especially after being threatened by Miss Thang herself, "This is my first homecoming ever, you can't mess this up." I told her not to worry, if it didnt work out, I would give her her money back. hahaha funny funny since I did it pro bono. When I picked her up at her house she was in this fetch nautical little get up. I had given her the "skirt" earlier in the week from my to-sell bin in my hallway. It was a tube top and she straight up turned it into a skirt, throwing a red belt around it and pairing it with red sandals. Que cute! And guess what I was wearing? A red skirt and a blue and white shirt. Wow. The stars were already lining up for us.

Before: "I don't pose." Look who I got to drink my REGULAR cherry coke.

  After: Posing away in her BCBG black one shoulder "slinky" dress. *slinky as in the toy she says, not as in form fitting in a sensual female manner.

Her hair, which we couldn't even photograph because she had to peace out to dinner.

We ran into some troubles with Judy and her "ratting" instructions. After Alicia told me to remain calm, we combed the rat out, re-curled some tendrils to fix the damage. I almost pissed myself I was so scared.

With her happy mama/my friend Lisa. We took a secret vow not to tell Lisa what happened with the hair scandal, but since it looked good and was all in the past, I spilled the beans before they left. I love a little healthy homecoming drama. 

Happy Veteran's Day! (said my dad at my outfit). Um would u let someone with crooked skunk bangs do your hair? Don't answer. Alicia and her fylist (fake stylist). Oh and dont think this is my room cause IT AINT! Its my OLD room. I have 2.

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