Saturday, November 6, 2010

Heart Beat Rock

 So remember my 25 cent blue flannel  I got from the crooked torso lady sipping slizzurd at the swap meet? Of course you don't, because only 15 of you read that post "Tianguis La Sophia" where I explained the entire episode. Well, I went to the swap meet last Sunday and she was there again of course, she has one of those stands where you leave your stuff and dont have to take it down. Bad luck had struck her this week as I found her carrying soiled boxes of soiled linens to the next empty spot over. The rain had gotten into her stuff and a lot of it was ruined. She told me she would give me an entire box of vinyl records for 1 dollar. 1 dolla! Since Im always on the hunt for those to make my earrings and other crafts out of I sprung for her deal. Even though the box was heavy as chuck (e cheese, fat ass mouse) I happily carried it away as she screamed, "Help me help you! Vamanos! Pronto!" hoping people would buy her stuff so she didnt have to trash it all. 
I got straight to work that day, sorting the records, trashing the soiled, moldy, covers. Don't worry I didn't cut up any good ones, what do u think I am? Some kind of idiot who drinks soda for 3 days straight and thinks its diet?
 They teach in journalism, as in life I guess, that good news for one person is always bad news for another. So I dedicate this look to her, the flannel that she sold me for a quarter, the records that she sold me for a dollar. Hand cut, beaded, and wire wrapped by moi. I present my Heart Beat Rock earrings. If you want any, get at me. I will sell them at 10 dollars a pair. (wire wrapping is no joke). or check out my Etsy store (I added 3 pairs)

I learned how to tie a bandana into that cute bow on youtube. 

Look Ma, Prince 1999.... yeah right as if I would cut Prince! 

"Sophia! Don't cut that shirt, it's your cousin's" -my mom
It is my cousin's but I dont see him a lot and he lives down south. I respected her wish ne way. Don't know why. I think im scared of her a little. 

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