Sunday, November 28, 2010

In Memory Of

Last week while I was watering dirt (yes, really), I looked down at my left black leather boot and noticed it was torn. As my boot tore, so did my heart. These boots have been with me for a long time. We have had some good times and have been to many great cities. Nothing lasts forever, I left them in my nieces bedroom and told her to trash them for me when I left. I couldn't bear to do it myself. Nothing lasts forever, halloween candy, hair color, relationships, carbon, pain. Everything is finite, enjoy it while it lasts. I may be here today and gone tomorrow, gone till November, on and on it seems to go, you don't know what you got till its gone. Tell the people you love you love them, and wear the clothes you love and photograph yourself in them. I may be as vain as Demi Lovato's right wrist, and just as torn too.

Here we are together, poetry in motion, as my feet skim the waters of Xochilmilco. 

With my ex's nice family. They really showed me a good time.

Im on a trajinera b*tch!

I remember hating you for sleeping next to me, Riding on the Metro-o-o. Mexico City, safest place in the world besides my mother's arms.

MOMA D.F. Cabrones!

Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Guadalajara!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me in "Emo Park" aka Parque Revolucion in Guadalajara. "Estas con tu gente?" Are you with your people? my ex-boyfriend once said when he called me and I was there waiting for him. 

Look! I have friends! Me with my favorite people I dont get enough of these days in San Francisco, CA.

I have a habit of climbing on statues. oops.

Old Skool San Fran, me with red long hair and Dean M.A.P.

Valentine's Day 2010. Olvera St. Los Angeles, CA

Sanrio's 35th Anniversary Xhibit in Culver City, CA with my nieces. U cant really see my boots but Im trying to prove a point here that: "Aw yeah, I get around, still clown with the underground" -2pac.

My first time in Seattle, WA! Loving it!

With my big sister in Burien, WA. Im holding a baby racoon and she is tending to the dog.

Getting high in my black boots with Mariana G. 


  1. you are so funny i can't believe you made a foto album of all of the fun those boots had. i have to admit i had wished they were in the bag of clothes and shoes you loaned me while you were in mexico. i think they had a lot more fun with you than they would have had with me ;-) lol


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