Sunday, October 24, 2010

I get it from my Mama

"Woman is but an engine of ecstasy, a mimic of the earth from the ends of her curled hair, to her red-lacquered nails." -Sylvia Plath
"When I dance my body feels so excited and elated. A special feeling runs through my bones. Such orgullo (pride) and dignity, that I may share with others the artistic element of my cultura & heritage. This element being Mexican folklore through dance," writes Rosie on the back of this pic.

She claims this is her all time fave pic of them. 

 Didn't your mom wear a white jumpsuit to her Vegas wedding? Posing in front of a limo they couldn't afford. 

Rosie and a friend she used to make me call my aunt. why didn't she save this wrap around dress for me? WHY DIOS?

Rosie and her dad at my uncles wedding.

 Senior photo 1971, Sacred Heart High, Los Angeles

Her love gave me confidence, the confidence gave me strength, enough strength to walk away....

What did you get from your Mama?


  1. Yooza! your Mama is smoking hot.
    parece modelo.
    I can totally see the resemblence amor.

  2. Awe your mom is beautiful! and I love that romper!
    I got my beauty from my mom I
    look so much like her its weird at times!


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