Friday, October 22, 2010

Blazer Fever Pt.1

 Fall is among us and its time to get creative. I figured blazers would be a good layering piece. I had visions of myself in them wearing a corset underneath and skinny jeans. Gheesh, I wonder how many episodes of the Kardashians it took me to figure that out.
I used the
Salvation Army as my first choice to search since it was buy one get one free day, according to my calendar. Here in Northern California they publish a monthly calendar that lets you know what deal is going on each day. That’s more than the “Good”will would ever do for you, even if you are a senior citizen. My only downfall was that I arrived to “the army” with only 30 minutes to shop. I went straight to the blazer section and tried them on in the mirror of a dresser in the furniture aisle since they had already closed the dressing rooms for the day. They were labeled 8.99 each but I figured since I was getting one free, I could excuse the steepness of the price. When granny rang them up though, she only charged me $1.49 total! Budabudaba-ching ching. I had to come home and rip the seams open to extract the shoulder pads though. I used my dad’s leatherman. No time to look for a seam ripper.
The next day…
I went to yet another thrift store, after sliding through half the blazers on the rack it was evident that I am the only one with petite grandmas. Gheesh, these blazers were in sizes 12, 14, 20 ect. I did find a couple though.
About 30 minutes later…
At yet another thrift store. I didn’t set my expectations high. I set off to the lingerie section to look for some cute vintage whale bone corsets. Ok, no whale bones, but at least cute. I’m sorry if wearing someone else’s corset is off-putting to you but we are in the 1st world, where 2nd hand stores DO exist and it’s called a washing macheene. It’s called a recession. After taking a nice lot of cute black, white, and red corsets to the dressing room I realized: Holy ish, corsets are like bras, they are sized according to cup. "The man that knows something knows that he knows nothing at all." - Miss Badu, On & On.
blazer-thrift, corset-thrift, necklace- F-21, pants- vintage Versace, shoes-vintage Salvatore Ferragamo

 blazer-thrift, bodysuit-thrift (relax, i washed it), pants- Calvin Klein petite, shoes-Betsey Johnson, pose top left- from choreography in Beyonce's "Diva" video.

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