Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bows before Hoes, greetings from the 909

I arrived safely to So Cal, after my 7 hour solo voyage down the 5. Just me and my 2 ipods. I only had to pull off the road once to write a poem (titled 'she thought she was D.T.F.') after listening to a line in some song by The XX. Ahh the open road. Once I got here I put the ipods away for the Cali mix weekend on Power 106. Lucky me. After watching a little Jersey Shore with my nieces and nephews I asked them if they were D.T.C. Down to craft. We then set up shop, aka tore apart Cierras room to make some bows. Toda tirada. like always.

I spent many hours this week trying to learn bow making. I watched many videos on youtube over and over but due to my spacial handicaps, it proved difficult. I even considered purchasing a bow making tool from a craft store. But I didnt want to be that lame. The day I took my hello kitty/hola chola pic with my Caddy necklace, I spent a good 30 minutes on that stupid blue bow. I ignored my ringing phone in the other room and had to reschedule my gym appt with Jay-nessa. Bows before hoes. I complained to Rosie on how difficult this bow making was. Maybe I was just cut out for dominoes. "Think about when you learned to swim, you weren't a fast swimmer at first. Were you?" WTF?  Finally, I somehow developed my own way of making them and was able to pass on the knowledge to my nieces. Oh and I gave Cierra her "Ciera" necklace. She tried to tell me I spelled her name wrong and I had to school her and tell her it was a car. I would love a necklace if it were 1 letter close to my name. I guess there is the Kia Sephia. But Sephia-Sophia is more wack than Ciera-Cierra, because it is off a vowel, not a double consonant. That is why vowels are more expensive on Wheel o Fortune I guess. They make more change. Unless you are thinking of words like as or but, ass or butt. then I guess consonants matter. Gheesh I need some sleep. Its been a long day and tomorrow is the smokeout festival! We are super pumped even though there is some drama surrounding my outfit choices but ill blog on that later. cause I know everyone cares. NOT. Enjoy my dollhead/niece Cierra Garcia 909 yo.
The mess I made with the craft fair I set up in Cierras room. Raising my cup, Salud to taking me to Taco Bell.

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