Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How to make a headband like Rihanna's & save yourself $1,193.00 USD

I have been in love with Rihanna's headband ever since I saw her wear it in the VMA performance of "Love the Way You Lie." Turns out, the headband is by Jennifer Behr and will set you back 1200 dollars.http://www.jenniferbehr.com/index.php?main=gall&gall=1&thumb=2&page=1 Aww snap. I had the idea that next time I was in El Lay, I would get my hands on some Swarovski crystals and do it myself. Then she wore the headband again, in her newest video "Only Girl in the World." That lit my fire once again. The devil works in mysterious ways, I was at Joann's (craft store) last week when I ran across this spool of fetch bling. I had to have it to make myself a little bling hippie headband. I had heard they sell these at Claires, but Id rather make it and have it be one of a kind than have the same bling as a 14 year old mall rat. So here are the 2 ingredients to make your own
1. a spool of your favorite bling garnish
2. some clear elastic craft stretchy cord. (I use the .5mm)

and some scissors, but they are a tool.

1. wrap fetch bling garnish around your nugget to size and cut it.
2. tie the ends together with your craft stretchy cord (I tied it in 2 places).  
3. Repeat steps one and two if you want to have 2 on your head like moi.
4. Stack them b*tches and make it work girl.

Keepin it Real: Don't go to Joanns during the day. If you do you will run into all the other unemployed "crafters" and end up in their big tangled line waiting for them to price check grannie's plastic harvest pumpkins, "Oh I thought the sign said buy one get one 30% off." DO go with a coupon, they always have them in-store but they don't have them during the time they can be used so go get yours for next week, this week. They are not as cool as JC Penneys who let you have an additional 70% off at the register but they will mail them to your home. 

I still plan to make a better version of this but it will do for now. I wore it to the Smokeout festival and homies were hella digging it. Ok, 2 people, but one girl asked me where I got it and I told her I made it. It blew her mind, or it was the ganja. 

I added my little 2pac gun hair piece (also made by me) for a lessening of the R.B.D. Celestial look.
La India RosaMaria
Paz y Baile


  1. Hawt! I likey a lot. Can I get a headband? And a Rasta Domino Bracelet please???

  2. I dont think u can afford it but I do offer a bull dog for bling program. lets talk soon. oh and the rasta bracelet will be made 2nite. thanks for the friendly reminder.


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