Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Burbons and Lacs

Ok, just Lacs. I finally finished my first necklace after all that picking, and all that pulling. Rosie and I went  on Saturday and cleared out all the emblemas, then I went back on Monday to a different location and cleared them out, so now I just have to sell these. Here are some pics of the long process that left me with some pretty cute tan lines. My mom is the worst photographer ever, and Im the worst fodel ever but you get the idea. 
Hola Chola, my version of Hello Kitty 
Step 1: jack emblem.

I spent half the day looking for these corsets. Um they were in a bag on my bed. oops. 

 seriously, who wouldnt want her as a suegra?


Mexican train domino bracelet LaSophia, sand dollar hair clip, LaSophia

So thats all for today. Burbons and Lacs, mansions and b*tch*s, money and weed. I really loved that Ghetto D Master P album in 7th grade. gheesh, cant believe I listened to that. Good thing I came out okay. Look at me now! Hola Chola!

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