Friday, October 29, 2010

Cheshire Cat Makeup

Today my homegirl, la loca Janessa came over to play. She has a real job that is real stressful so she decided to take a P.T.O. day. Since its not summer anymore and we can no longer sneak into her grandma's backyard to go swimming in her pool, we decided we would try Kandee Johnson's makeup tutorial of the cheshire cat. I have never been good at "art" so I was hesitant it would even come out. I also didn't think i had the colors of paint to do the look but we used everything from eyeshadow to lipstick to create the look. Its was freaking hilarious and we were dying laughing the entire time. I started off pretty serious though and got mad at Janessa which she thought was funny. We even made some videos of our favorite characters. Janessa said I cant post them on youtube because she doesnt want to "end up on Tosh.0" but she gave me the permission to put them on my blog. Gotta go wash my brushes now.

 In the lab
Egyptian Cheshire

Shout out to Kandee Johnson! Thanks so much for the tutorial! 

Laughing so hard. Happy Halloween b*ch*s!!!! Westside till we die. 

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