Monday, August 15, 2011


WANTED: Bag lady with brown feet

CHARGED WITH: Trespassing in my backyard, wearing a long dress at 5 feet tall and flats, and using Spanx as an impromptu slip (not first offense). 

LAST SEEN WEARING: Vintage dress, although we're not sure if it's an old night gown.

ALSO SPOTTED At: Taco Bell, roadside- picking berries, and at Zumba dancing cumbia. 

ADDICTED TO: coffee, fleatail shopping, and blogger.

OTHER HOBBIES INCLUDE: Playing dress up and laughing at her own damn jokes.

Her bag, likely to carry mace and M.A.C. 

No permanent markings, just accessories that might as well be permanent as she wears them all the f-ing time.

Also likes to digitally alter pictures of nature. Please, let's get her off the streets.

If you or anyone you know have information regarding "bag lady" please leave a comment below, Thank you and have a nice Monday,



  1. Haha, this post is funny. I love it "bag lady"!
    Loving the oufit, especially the jewellery.

    I'll keep a look out for bag lady, I doubt shes in London though. =)


  2. She looks like she might be one of those crazies you meet at the bus station. You know, wearing money in their hair and carrying a bag made of cassettes ;-)

  3. hahaha! this is so funny sophia! you need to hunt that bag lady down! stealing your man and wearing your vintage dress! bitch please :P xxx

  4. Hahahaha,I think if I see her,I'm likely to abscond with her and have my wicked way with her adorableness!!XXX

  5. Oh you silly! hahah "Bag Lady" classy. Is that dress really an old night gown? Even if it was, it's definitely too nice just for sleepwear! Oh, and to answer your other question, I live in Vallejo, which is of course definitely in the Bay Area. Well, not for long, since I'm going back to L.A. in a week! Yeee!

  6. hehe, cute pictures! I have that "Love" ring from Forever 21, but it broke :( its still sitting on my dresser waiting to get glued back on so i can wear it everyday again haha! cute hat!!

  7. Aw I love seeing couples all lovey dovey! Makes me smile!
    Yall look really in love ;)
    Love the dress! And that bag is to die for!

  8. you're f'in hilarious! and adorable, which really isn't fair to the rest of us!

  9. Pinche bag lady, que guapa esta, would love her to appear in my garden amor.
    I love your vestido blanco and hat.
    You two love birds no se aguantan, ya casense!
    me ecanta tu "love" anillo,

  10. Wanted... beautiful hatted lady to move to my neck of the woods so I can frolic where there are purple trees and and sunshine.

    this dress is lovely.

  11. lolz.
    you look great!! I LOVE YOUR BAG! you can be a crazy bag lady any day with that bag!!
    I am glad you also carry mace around. haha mine looks like a perfume bottle.

  12. The bag lady is looking fabulous. :)

  13. WAH GORGEOUS LOOK. You look sooo summery. All white = THE WAY TO GO. Yeahhh. You rock it!

    Great location, too! So beautiful!

  14. haha, I love it! I used spanx as my "slip" today too!!! That apple ring is CUUUUUUUUTE!

  15. you llok so cute..
    nice dress!
    kisses from Costa Rica! :)

  16. amazing dress!!you look lovely!!

  17. Hahahahah your posts are so flipping hilarious!!! Love this one especially!!!!!!! And I love that hat which you showed us in the vlog too!

    Sadie x

  18. Well la-di-da! Look who is a blogging diva with gazillions of followers! I'm pretty sure you've been trying to avoid your Minnesote├▒a amiga, but jokes on you! I moved to Iowa! Send me an email!

  19. Hahahahaha you are too funny! Is that the hat you bought from the swap-meet? Saw the video and it was fab...

    Love! ~Angel

  20. Love, love this look. Ur post was also very funny. loved the jewelry on had on. Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog. It means the world to me. :)

    Follow Me At

  21. love your hat sophia! the perfect summer outfit :) looks like your having a lovely time <3

  22. What a great hat! floppy hats are my go-to item this summer. And I have that "love" ring! It's my favorite and it just broke so I am going to have to mend it back together.

  23. love your look! nice post.

    xo-Kayla Marie

  24. Thank-you for your lovely comment on my blog :) I'm presuming you get told you look like Anne Hathaway as much as I get told I look like Emily Blunt? hahaha :)

    Anyways, this outfit post is lovely and I love your blog :)so gorgeous



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