Friday, August 12, 2011

Oh My Vlog (OMV)

My first Vlog. yuck. I know these can be creepy and annoying esp. if people talk about nothing or slowly but here I am showing you what I got last Sunday at the swap meet. Oh yes, I also show you one of my crafts, the thing I'm wearing in my hair. I tried not to talk too much but I had a lot of stuff. I don't know, let me know p.s. I have a heart p.p.s. Ima robot

It ain't no fun if the homies cant have none,


  1. Hi! I confess that I didn't watch all the video but I totally will at some stage! Just supposed to be doing housework right now.
    But I looked back over your posts from the last while and I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! You completely crack me up! Especially the thing about how to know if you're a thrifter! (That's me, defo!)
    Your posts always make me at least smile, and sometimes LOL and sometimes LMAO!
    Keep it up! Have a lovely weekend!

  2. You are so adorable! The only feedback I would give you is to have more light, its a little too dark. Other than that you didn't sound like a robot or scare me away hehehe. Great job! :)

  3. Great job, I watched it all and think you will look super cute in that stripey frilly affair. Am v impressed that you know the proper word for 'big flappy sleeves' too. Obv I need to get myself that book. If I can work out how the webcam thingy works on my laptop I could wave all my random buys at you by the power of the internet, and you could be amazed at my accent like I am at yours (in a good way - you sound so sweet!). Love your money clip, always handy to have emergency cash - would be so fun to unfold and spend.

    ps. I am also amazed my children came out of me. They were unwilling and there was a scalpel involved.

    pps. Just added you to my blogroll

  4. Oh, and in the UK we call earrings without hooks 'coasters' and put hot drinks on them. I know, quaint. ;-)

  5. its weird but its not surprising me the way you talk... for some reason i imagined you like this :D ... and now i finally understand what HAUL means ;)

  6. soo cute! love the blue striped dress! so funny and totally true about the haggling. so annoying but sometimes prices are hiked up way to much!

  7. I love the vlog. Your shirt is amazing and I've just looked up on youtube how to fold money into a heart. I've folded a £5 note but it's worth too much to remain folded xD

  8. Squee!!! You are SO cute,adorable and gorgeous!! Love that accent!The jumper is Elvis-tastic,and the stipey thing is insane,I can't wait to see you rock it! I love Garfield too! We call it a rubbish bin, or just bin down here,but trash can is so funkily American! yay,great vlog-yeah,a little more light perhaps,but I just love being nosy and hearing peeps speak,and I adored when you did the little squeal!

  9. You sound so cute amor, i was answering back to everything you were saying,lol
    I am thinking of doing a video of my boot sale finds. Love your tigres del norte top. Garfield big trash can and 10 puntos for your novio drawing you garfia.
    All the clothes you scored are cool, especially love the elvis jumpsuit, get some elvis shades and style your hair in a pomp, you look so hot.
    My wedding ring belong to a lady that passed on.
    Was nice hearing your hermosa voz, dollar hair clip will come in handy cuando vaya a la 99. :)

  10. haha i know how you feel about feeling creepy!:P love the vlog though, your accent is so cool and you're so pretty! :) i love the disney cups:D and the garfield bin hahaha! you make me laugh:P you guys say trashcan! hahaha garphia! that's hilarious, so cute too :D love the ring you're wearing too :) you got so many bargains! dead people clothes does definitely seem a bit... ooerr :P your dollar clip is so cool! love it! :) glad you enjoy blogging cos i love reading your blog so much. sorry about this essay haha :P xxx

  11. just started following you on twitter too!:)xxx

  12. I loved the VLOG...and boo I wish I got all the loot you got. A) those disney cups SOLID 2) who needs peripheral vision - its overrated and C)a boyfriend who draws for you and cleans your purse?



  13. Oh I loved your vlog ^^ You are so cute :3 and you have a pretty smile too !
    Great things you bought for great prices (:
    Thanks for stopping by <3

  14. You look really pretty on your vlog!! And I love your girly voice :)


  15. Awww you're too cute! I love the top you're wearing. xx


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