Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More birds

Broadcasting live from Home Depot.

Ugh. I've been to Home Depot too many times for my own comfort this year. What brought me in on this day was a collapsed closet rod? bar? I have too many clothes. This romper is not thrifted, its actually from my retail days when I was getting paid. Got it at Urban Outfitters for 9.99 2 years ago. My shoes are from a 2nd hand shop. 

So do you remember I had more beaded birds from that denim shirt? Well I went into my local bead store and added this strand to turn it into a necklace (with much help from the store owner).

I might put some more strands through him (red tail means male) later. As an asthmatic girl who is allergic to anything with fur, I could only have birds and fish growing up. 

Check out this guy. Im obsessed. He has more followers than you and I will ever have. He's done local news, Letterman, and a Taco Bell commercial. Best of all, his popularity and merchandise has generated donations to the Bird Lovers Only Rescue Service where he hails from. All hail Snowball. 



  1. a perico necklace, thats so cute amor.
    love your gingam playsuit. snowball is adorable.

  2. Super cute romper! Love this idea for a necklace. I might steal the idea next time I see an awesome vintage piece with loads of cool details :)

  3. Awesome vintage dress. The birdie necklace is so cute!

  4. La Sophia, you need to start shopping at Ace Hardware - stay away from that Home Depot :)

  5. I love your outfit, that bird necklace is fab! (love the earrings too!) You've a great blog. Here's my link if you wish to have a look at mine...

    Steph Xx

  6. OMG Snowball is so funny! Really sweet!
    And your necklace is fantastic!

  7. LOL... i've collapsed three closet bar thingys before... and in different closets! you look too cute for home depot!


  8. awww...yea it kinda sucks that the talent didn't pass through the generations...but i'm sure that their are books out there that can teach you a thing or too.
    P.S: your outfit is super cute.

  9. Love the Home Depot background! haha And oh my goodness, a beaded necklace...something I haven't really run into in reading these fashion blogs. And ugh, I feel on you on having too much of something. I'm buying more shoes than I really need...haha

  10. Ahh I am loving your birdy!! I am slightly bird obsessed (seriously) and am having major jealousy issues right now!! ;)

    Sadie x

  11. you look so sweet in your romper!

    oh Urban Outffiters you gotta love em : )

    loving your open toe sandals too.
    you have to tell me how you get your bangs to stay in place during the summer! I had to get rid of my fringe because it would go all curly on me.

  12. WOW! i absolutely love your necklace! and your romper is so cute, bargain! ;) haha aww fish are such boring pets :P one of mine died and i killed the other one, oops! xxx

  13. gorgeous romper! so Retro..and the necklace is so effin adorable:))


  14. Oh, nice post.)) Love your blog!!!.))))))

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  15. SOOOO cute. WOW what a bird, love that!!

    Hugs, Bella :)
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