Thursday, August 18, 2011

A rude awakening

So the other day I received an email response to my cupcake post. It was from none other than my niece. It read:

Ummm not digging the look. its a cross between an emo cleopatra and a vampire. not sippin the haterade!

I texted her about the ordeal and told her maybe it was the lipstick, that paired with my ripped jeans, cheetah shoes, and black shirt was too much.

Yeah, I think that was it, she agreed and added that she hoped I wasnt offended.

Oh course I wasn't, I had to laugh. I too thought the look was a little too harsh and a little too dark especially juxtaposed with the sweet cupcake with lavender frosting. I looked like a former vampire, discovering day light. no bueno. note taken, stick to red lips.

And then this Tuesday my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to go see a 5 dollar movie.  We had 50 minutes on the clock before we had to leave the house. Perfect, enough for me to take a half shower (no hair washing), get dressed, and put on makeup. "Guess what shirt I'm going to wear?" I asked my boyfriend. I was amazed when he picked out the exact shirt I was thinking of, a white long sleeved shirt with sheer sleeves and a chelsea collar adorned with a little pilgrim doily action. I had purchased it a few days prior for 99 cents. My vision was to wear it with a pair of simple black shorts and be done. But after having to call for assistance from my boyfriend as I tried to pull the shorts I used to wear 14 lbs ago over my curvy thighs, I had to go to plan B: cut myself a new pair of black shorts from some larger black Jordache pants I had thrifted. So there I was on my knees in my underwear armed with my Gingher scissors doing some last minute alterations on the carpeted floor of my bedroom.

"There how does it look?" I asked my boyfriend.


"How about if I tuck in the shirt?"

"I dont think it's meant to be tucked in."

"How do you know?"

"By the length, it's too short."

And then I began stuffing it into my freshly cut shorts.

"Ok, how about now?"

"Um, it looks kinda.."

"How about if I add a belt?"

I reached into my belt box and pulled out a red skinny belt, and had him help me pull it through the loops. There was nothing left to do but put on my most uncomfortable pair of 20 dollar Charlotte Russe shoes and hit the road.

"Don't complain to me that your feet hurt," he warned me.

"Really, how are my feet going to hurt if we're just walking in and out of the movies?"

When we went in, the ticket taker complimented my blouse, but even I felt silly hiking the stairs to the top row in my red fuade (fake suade) platform heels in a theatre packed with teenagers.

After the movie was over we walked out and I said, "I look like George Washington."

George Washington if he were a trannie selling himself on the streets of downtown Guadalajara.

"I don't know why you got so dressed up, it was just the movies," my boyfriend said.

"Well why not? What was I supposed to do? Go in my pajamas?" I was excited about venturing outside of the house on a "date" with my boyfriend. I wasn't about to wear shape-ups, a t-shirt, and capris. But deep down, despite all my self defense, I did feel a bit silly. How did my style escalate so out of control that night? Who was to blame for whoring up ole George?

Myself. I was not being true to myself. Personal style blogs are supposed to be about personal style, not anyone else's. Why did I feel the need to go above and beyond with my outfits when I left the house? I want to set myself apart from the mainstream retail shopping of America but I had been crossing some lines. There is a time and place for every ensemble and I had made a mistake. Style is about taking risks, but when your own family sees through you, you are more transparent than the chiffon layer of my palazzo pants.

No more monkey business,

Get it, transparent, chiffon?

Did anyone actually read the text?

My friend made me laugh. Sike. It was just me and my tripod.

top- thrifted a dollar something
pants- vintage $11 dollars (I know, big spend.)
shoes- Guess, no really, Guess.


  1. bahahaha I LOVED this Post and i loved that you got dressed to go to the movies. I do that too but you want to know what else i take to the movies? my grandpa sweater...I always freeze. and if I havent told you lately, I love your style of writing- Fuade haha I loved it

    and I do love the white top...can you take me thrift shopping please? ok great! Ill be over soon!

  2. Oh my gosh, you have a way with words! So witty my dear. But I am INSANELY curious to see The whore-ish George!

  3. Aww, I wish you could've taken a picture of your George-ie outfit. Then we could all critique!

    $11 for pants...that IS pricey...unless they weren't thrifted which I guess is understandable. I was desperate for a pair of high waisted shorts early last spring so I "splurged" on a $20+ Calvin Klein pair on Etsy. Twas worth it since I wore it so much. haha

  4. I get dressed up to go to the grocery store so i can definitely relate to this haha. Get dressed for YOU, not the silly people who happen to luck out and witness your outfit ;)

  5. Yes, of course I read the text!! I always do cuz you make me laugh. Your humour reminds me of my friends back home in LA (have i told you that before?). LOVED reading this post and I totally sympathize. I too have had fashion-psychotic moments...I once left the house looking like a staff nurse from One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest---white skirt, white button up top, tights, sensible flats, and my dad's vintage beige cardigan---WTF was I thinking???
    Dressology HQ

  6. Those pants look TERRIBLE on you and you should send them to me! And you do not have the most beautiful, contagious smile, and you're not utterly delightful. I want to adopt you!

    sarah xxx

  7. damn i swear i LOVE reading your blog, you should become a writer, theres a certain witty-ness and realness to it thats so relatable. Anywho this happened to me too! when i showed my sister-in-law my blog shes like "when did you get these clothes?! LIKE SINCE WHEN?!!" haha i was like dude everytime you see me i happen to be in pj's with no makeup, i dont actually walk outside like that...anyway thats it lol *ranting*


    xo EVEE

  8. haha i read all of it, you're sofunny sophia! and you most definitely don't look like george washington :P i think you look lovely :) it's good to get dressed up! who cares if you've got nowhere to go ;) xxx

  9. I wish you took a pic of your George Washington-esque outfit lol! I love reading your posts..they are so comical! Yes, I actually read your text! Love those pants...and the shirt! $11 is a big spend? I think thats a good price for pants like that.


  10. I JUST did this the other day when WE went to the movies. But I was congratulating myself because I'd talked myself into wearing a combination that I would normally be to chicken to wear outside. LOVE your pants. Also your comment 'Sike. It was just me and my Tripod.' made me snort laugh.

  11. Thanks for all your nice comments! Im thinking Ole Georgey Porgey will have to make an appearance soon. Maybe next week. Oh my, so funny.

  12. I read it all!! And loved it. It's so easy to get carried away sometimes, I often 'try something new' which is completely ridiculous and inappropriate and about 24 hours later I am horrified by myself, but at the time I get caught up in the moment of wanting to try a new look. But it's all good - sometimes it works, sometimes you look like a prat :)(or George Washington).

    Sadie x

  13. I love how your rocked the George Washington look.
    I know I always complain to Buddy , I have nothing wear, he says were just going to the pub. well his friends novias are wearing a blusia sin chiste and jeans,lol
    I am slowly going off jeans.
    Your are always too cute and funny amor.

  14. This is such a down-to-earth and refreshing post... and just to say, I think you look lovely in the photos you did post!

    My boyfriend always gives me the 'ol "don't complain if your feet hurt.." line too!

  15. L O V E the top! dunno whether its the detail/lace or the fact that its thrifted!
    great outfit


  16. Hahahahaha George Washington, shit I dress up for everywhere I go. Girl, wear what you want and WERK the hell out of it because you look amazing!

    Love! ~Angel

  17. you look perfect :)
    thanks for visiting my blog <3





  19. I definitely know what you mean, i've deliberated with myself about piling on my trendiest clothes to take an blogging photo, but in reality I'd feel silly if I were to actually wear it all out as it just wouldn't really be 'me'. I can certainly relate to this post! The photos here are lovely, that blouse is gorgeous.

    Thanks for visiting my blog :) xx

  20. holy crap, $11 for those pants?!? where do you thrift?! i just saw an identical pair at zara for about $70... gracias a dios q me dolio el codo

  21. I did read the text.
    I never, ever ask my husband how I look or I would end up dress like his mum, jejejejej.
    You are fabulous in those transparent pants.
    I have missed you.

  22. hahaha yeah....ummm those pants are gorgeous....and loving your pics...I always loved the "hahha something was funny " snapshot...

    Thrifters Anonymous Monday Link Up

  23. I love your pants! They're very classy-Palazzo style :)
    Come follow my blog hun :)

  24. Amazing! I love your chiffon pants!

  25. Looooool, I always read your text, i'm telling you you should be a columnist girl!! If any other blogger wrote as much as you do i'd probably get bored, but you have such a humorous way of writing that I always enjoy reading whatever you've got to say <3
    I know I haven't commented for a while but i'd just like to point out that your blog is one of very few I always make time for... I am a little secret groupie who scuttles back every few days.
    Anyway love the palazzo's, hot. I can't find any that fit, they're always jack ups on me :( xx

  26. Uughhhh...Shape Ups. The devil's shoes.

    No but really, at first I was like, no way, fashion is about taking risks. And sometimes when you take risks, you fail, but it's better than never taking a risk in the first place. But then you got to the line about your own family seeing through you and I went, "damn, she's right." Whatevs. If Charlotte Russe floats your boat (or even if you think it might for 5 seconds) I'm not gonna judge.

  27. Great Blog!!!

    "Follow me and I Follow back!"

  28. bang, i like it!! quiero tus pantalones!:) ahahahaanal...does does better in spanish doesnt itlol. my name is just from nina(family nickname) and moon bc i'm obsessed with disco anal.

  29. LOVE your pants and hairstyle! Awesome look! And I totally agree with you about personal style!

  30. omgggg i love those pants theyre such a unique twist to an otherwise quite dull pair of black pants.
    cute top too!

  31. I read the text! Those pants are fabulous and I think you can wear whatever you want. If you like getting dressed up to go to the movies (I do), then go for it! It's about what makes you feel good and like yourself. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks!

  32. Absolutely love your style! I just followed you via Friend Connect
    I hope you can take the time to check out my blog and even follow.

    Paris W

  33. Great pictures...very nice... check me out...

  34. These are great photos and you look beautiful! Amazing pants!!
    I am now following and would love if you followed back :)

  35. OMG…this top and pants are simply gorgeous…love it!

  36. lovely outfit, your top is gorgeous
    i really love your blog, i am following now :)

  37. I can completely relate. I sometimes spend 20 minutes trying to figure out what to wear for a 10 minute trip to the grocery store.

  38. I love this look!
    Your trousers are amazing and the hairdo looks great on you.


  39. hahahah people always have to have a say in what you wear. You can choose to listen or do your own thing. You are OWNING this outfit. That shirt is SEXY!! and those pants... oh those pants. I LOVE LOVE LOVE. That red lip is HOT!!! Fab fit love

  40. lmfao I love this post. I do agree you need to stay true to who you are. For the record I dress up everywhere because I like dressing up. No matter where I'm going. And I love those pants by the way!! We so need to go thrift shopping together!!


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