Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Like an old coin

This morning, as I sat in my hello kitty pajama pants, hole in crotch, and ate my Lucky Charms (no milk) with my bare hand, my dad tried to explain to my cousin that I "clean up nicely." That I'm like an old coin, just give me a shining. By old coin, he meant unbathed woman, and by shining, he meant shower, hair and makeup. As soon as I got out of the shower at 6pm, I decided if I was going to do anything today, I may as well blog. This is an outfit I have worn on multiple occasions, none of which have been photographed. I had originally bought the skirt at a thrift store with the intention of sewing it into something spectacular once I "learn how to sew" but once I got home and tried it on it fit like an ummmm glove? Total cost of my outfit (minus Target shoes) 6 dollars. Holla!

My mom thought I looked decapitated, I told her thats how bloggers do it! Its called outfit detailing.

Target shoes

Singing doo a ditty ditty dum ditty doo. Just walking down the street.

All I was wearing. Minus my spanx, I mean  uh-bad guys rob banks.

My Mexican peso earrings I made. I think these are the coins my dad was referring to. Viva la bloga!

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  1. You are so cute I want to put you in a snow dome and keep you in my pocket!

    Sarah xxx

  2. can't believe you got those shoes at target, i really like them! and thanks so much for the site tips, i checked out both of them and they deff look like credit card killers hehe.


  3. I LOVE this look! I love that your entire outfit (shoes don’t count) cost six dollars.

    Story time. When My trianer and I started working out it was in the evenings so I looked ok…have the days make up on and all. Then We switched to mornigns when my hair was disheveled and I went in barefaced. He started telling me I looked pretty "tired" in the mornings. Then he stopped commenting all together because he realized that’s how I normally look lol

    Sometimes when I see him when I am all dressed and ready for the day he takes a double look not in a gross way, but in the I cant believe that’s the same person lol.

  4. How fabulous is this skirt! Love it. $6? Thats my kinda girl! LOL


  5. Very nice outfit, I love red :)

  6. Cute outfit ! I really loveee the sandals <3
    I answered your comment on my blog (:

  7. Great photos!! We follow you ;)

  8. i knew i'd love your blog from your about me.. "i may dress like your grandma but i don't dance like her" thenn and erykah badu quote :D then this amazing red outfit! love everything about it and the way you write really shows your personality! definitely following :) ronan x

  9. lovely outfit!


  10. Gorgeous skirt!!! And nice blog!<3
    Thanx for your comment! follow you back!

  11. Oh your skirt is completely gorgeous, I love it. Don't make it into something else :-P. I love sitting in my pyjamas in the morning eating cereal with my fingers :).


  12. lmao I'm not leaving the blogasphere I bought the domain off of blogger for £7 - $10 where you is from looool!!
    hole in crutch? Niceeeeeeee LOOOOOL.
    Loving the skirt on you babe, you look hot as ever xxxxx

  13. Que curiosa eres amor, oye yo tambien tenia un hoyo en mis pjs anoche y mi esposo me los rompie. the part of the eating cereal with bare hands made me laught so much. que falda tan bonita,you sings to humming to zapp and roger? love Roger. oyes me encantan esor aretes, mandalos para aca. :)

  14. Sounds like my day! I love everything about this outfit. That skirt does fit you perfectly and your bangs are so cute!

  15. Thanks for stopping by Mexicana Chic and for your nice comments!!

    You ask me where a I teach fashion history, I do it at a small fashion design school in Tijuana, you can check this link to see a bit more of my dear school

    Hey! I think should teach there too, you love fashion, you have great style, you have already teach English ;)

    Love your blog, now I’m a follower.


  16. oh my, I completely adore your sense of style! this outfit is just perfect, and you look freaking amazing! ♥ great blog, you have a new follower, beauty! :)

    PS. what beautiful shoes you have! I want a Target in my country so badly :c


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