Monday, June 13, 2011

Auntie Gaga

Im convinced I look better in motion, and upside down. My photog took the pic this way though.

Color boost!

Today was my niece's graduation party and no one made fun of my outfit! Well, my oldest niece said my dress made me look like I had a butt and chi chis but I told her I always have those. I'm known as "Auntie Gaga" in my family which is funny to me. My nephew has called me "eccentric" one of his vocab words at school.

One of my favorite memories was when they came to spend the night at my apartment when I was in college. One of my nieces laughed so hard she started to vomit. We all ran in the other room and left her with my mom. Later that night she told me, "Auntie, my hair is hard right here and it smells funny." So I took her in the shower to wash her hair. I put her in a chair, and had her tilt her hair back but some water ended up dripping down her back and getting her underwear wet so I had to lend her some of mine that I had never worn because they were too small for me. They had lollipops on the back and they said "lick me." My niece started cracking up when she read it (she was old enough to read) "lick me? lick me? hahaha" I told her "Sera don't say that." Months later, we are riding in the car and she goes, "Hey auntie remember when you washed my hair in the shower and I had to wear your underwear that said 'lick me'?" That was 5 years ago. They are still funny. And today, my 11 year old niece was my photographer. She did a better job than my own muther.

I told her to make her thizz face.

They thought it would be funny to pose in front of their Uncle's hot ride. I told them I wouldnt. haha.

I found my dress at the Salvation Army during the winter and was so surprised it fit well. I had tried on so many similar dresses in Mexico but they were either way too big or tight on the arms and chest. Plus, the vendors were always trying to rip my sweet face off. I got it on 50% off day so I think it cost me maybe $2.50. Holla! I love that it will never go outta style and will be flattering to my figure no matter how pregnant I ever get.


  1. I so want your Mexican vestido, I love bright colors, the angle is fantastic.
    my family would of surely made fun of me. :)
    your nieces are cute and funny like you.
    still thinking about the "lick me* chonis.

  2. so cute , love the outfit , the colour and all xoxo

  3. I love your dress darling*-*

  4. You look a million bucks!! I'll have to try that sideways and in action shot idea - maybe that might help hah ha!

    Love the story about the knickers.. Hilarious! Smiles for your day!

  5. i love the bright colours and nail polish looks fab :) your neices are so cute :) ronan x

  6. wow that a crazy bargain you go girl i love the dress and i love that you wrapped the belt around it cool

  7. Love this dress! you are too funny I just read your comment!!! Don't forget to link this awesome 50% off to Thrifters Anonymou today!!



  8. awww tres cute x


  9. Sophis call me, its an order. Party at sarah's on june 17.

  10. wow! i love the yellow dress really i love the color I want a yellow top!!! thanks for the comment on my blog!! kisses!

  11. Love the photos you post, really inspirational!
    I hope you can check out my blog too :)


  12. That dress is amazing! And on 50% off day? I'm so jealous!

  13. ahh yes yes i love salvation army! i feel like no matter what, you always leave with 10 amazing buys that cost you 1/5 of the original price. all of my best pieces are deff from there :)

  14. Hey Sophia!!! You still have all week to link up girl...haha pretzels..I waited in line for Subway for 20 minutes and then paid 12 for a 6 inch haha gotta love the airport. Anyway, You can link up still, I let everyone know all week adn have them check back!

  15. Haha your comment on the champagne made me laugh.. I love this look but whats funny is that you got your niece to be your photographer.. I have done this many times with my younger sibling as well.. Ha

    All the best, Angel

  16. that dress is amazing!! you look gorgeous and your nieces look so adorable!


  17. I love the pictures and the dress. For some reason I'm getting a Quentin Tarantino vibe. Eccentric is the greatest compliment you can get. If at my funeral I am described as an eccentric I lived my life properly.

  18. LOVE the dress on you!!! The color suits you perfect!! Cute kiddos too :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  19. Your family seems like so much fun lol can I please be adopted and I love the dress. I love "in motion" pictures. I am so not natural being in front of the camera and learn haha and

    I will be calling you eccentric or Auntie gaga from here on out :P

  20. COOL Orange Dress, so cool for summer...

    Come have a sneak peek at my shoe/heel/artwork design blog? My designs are hand-drawn & I think you will find something that will definitely catch your eye x

    Take Care,

  21. your dress is gorgeous! love the colour & prints, you look super happy :) x

  22. Wow, the colors in this dress are so great!!

  23. Great Dress.

    Jen xx


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