Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Like a good thrifter would, I looked up all the vintage stores and thrift stores in Reno before I left home. I'm lucky to have a man with a slight comic book addiction by my side who was born to a thrifter that is tolerant of my ways. Otherwise, we might have had a problem...

Isnt he dreamy?

Ladies and gents, damas y caballeros, behold Junkee. I'd like to say its 3 acres of vintage, 2nd hand, and antiques/collectibles but Im no way qualified to make a judgement about space because of my self diagnosed spatial awareness disorder. We entered and went to the right side first which was all the antiques and collectibles. About half way through, I got hungry and went back to the front of the store for chips, crackers, cheese, salsa, dip, and lemonade. This was not  normal of a store, but I questioned it not and chowed down while I looked at case after case of beautiful vintage jewelry and hunted for Garfield memorabilia. Pretty boy was wrapped up in the comics. He hates when I call him that, but its a compliment.

Pretty soon, it was time to check out the clothing side. Which was equally overwhelming esp with a tray of snacks in your hand. I quickly munched the remainder up and started going through the amazing racks #ditchedsnacks4racks

Now, vintage shopping to me is kinda like a time vs. money thing. Thrifting, you need time but if you do find something, its cheap. Vintage, its already picked out for you, someone has taken the time to do that, but you pay the price. I was willing to pay the price at this joint cause the findings were so spectacular. 

They have the nicest employees there. The lady let me into the dressing room with as many items as I wanted, just as long as I promised not to steal anything. And then she brought Nacho a beer.

That's just my baby daddy sitting in the dressing room, sipping on his beer while I disrobed. "This is embarrassing," I said. 

Between the beer and finding out they had free hot dogs, we figured something was up. It was their 3rd anniversary as a store! yay! Lucky us, just a couple of Mexican thrifting emos walking in on the right day! I also won a blog giveaway 30 dollar itunes card so I was elated. Thanks Sarah!

Which of my eyes is smaller? Uh I mean, dress I didnt get cause of my button busting: see upper torso region. Poor Nacho got the fun job of taking pics of me in the dressing room, a task normally reserved for mama bear.

This one's for the lovers...of free hot dogs! 

"You look like a space cowgirl," he told me of this outfit. I matched the tires out front. That skirt number used to be a dress until I cut it. 

The original dress feat. Jesus. 

It was such a great day, all the snacking really filled us up, oh and we found a really good truffle shop nearby called Sierra Nevada Chocolate Company. My favorite is the bubblegum flavor truffle. So delicious. We bought them, ate them as we crossed the street, and then went back for more. If you are ever in Reno just go South on Virginia St. until it becomes S. Virginia street, pass all the casinos and you will find Junkee, and all these other stores. Nacho says he wants to return to Junkee to get some collectible comics, but I popped his bubble telling him that we must always be on alert of me getting pregnant and saving money for the baby. I like to take my birth control pill in a specific time frame more than a specific time everyday. Wow Im kind of wiped out, whatta post. All its missing is a Kardashian! 

Aww there she is. Now I feel safe. Forget those mountains. 

Kim K on a big rig? Thats what Im talking about. She looks so airbrushed beautiful!

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  1. bahahahahah oh i love you
    you always make me smile and laugh

    ok i have to say your left eye looks bigger and the button pop i didn't even notice till you said something.

    Say hi to Baby Daddy for me.

  2. Who are these poorly named Kardashian women anyway? We keep getting these random 'reality' imports on our screens and now they're infiltrating crap magazines as well. At least Kim is supposed to be spelt with a K. The name 'Khloe' just makes my teeth itch.

    Anyhoo - Junkee looks amazing, I love the precariously piled stuff on the roof. Never mind the objects in the window that get you a sigh from the staff when you express an interest. Next time you have to say "Sooo, I'm interested in the bicycle? On the roof?" Then you decide it's not quite what you're looking for.

    Looking good cowgirl!

  3. Looks like a great store!
    Happy thursday wishes from Norway

  4. omg that thrift store sounds amazing!! i am horrible at thrifting and my bf cant stand it :( boo!! i wish mine was as patient as yours hehe!! love the white dress and cowboy boots <3

  5. ah!! this was such a good post! haha it made me laugh a lot! I love your outfit so much!! And space cowgirl is a wonderful description of it ( I WANT your boots so bad!!) Also, that vintage store sounds pretty great!! I cant get enough of searching through things at stores like that ^-^

  6. Junkee,Thrift store is divine, sounds like heaven especially if they offer a bear to make the guys buy us more stuff. love what u did to hat dressm cute boots. that always happens to nada me queda de irrba, I didnt notice, you could play off wearing that dress if you unbotton a few botones.

  7. Ahahahah you're always great! maybe your dress was littler just for the button top. I don't know.. mmh.
    I love ur white dress.. You look good, but you were not hot with boots?

  8. Amazing as usual La Sophia! I see you didn't bring your sponsor along this time :)

  9. EL novio? Hahaha your posts honestly crack me up..

  10. Thanks for the comment dear, lovely outfit by the way,
    answers are coming up today :)
    Love x

  11. cute blog

  12. Amazing post! Looks like a fun store I would want to go!

  13. um HI THIS SOUNDS SO HEAVENLY IT'S RIDICULOUS! looks like an amazing time. Seriously. So. JEALOUS. Thanks for sharing pictures and making me jealous! ;)

  14. Thanks for the comment dear :) x

  15. Love this post, that store looks amazing, we don't have anything like that here I'm so jealous :)


  16. Hey La Sophia, dreamy indeed. This store looks pretty cool & that was too funny... the busting button, great post. Luv the hair. & thx about my apron :DD

  17. Gurl, find me a hot euro boy at Pride! San Francisco pride is a lot of fun.. Have fun and take pictures of the half naked guys.. hahaha

    All the best, Angel

  18. omg ur hilarious! im glad u commented my blog so now i found a funny new blog! yay i followed!

  19. Ah I want to go to that store so much!!
    Love your outfit, Adorable.
    Have a lovely weekend....

    Girl about Town XxX

  20. Beautiful dress and boots!!! You look amazing!!!

  21. a thrift store named "Junkee" that gives out free hot dogs? Yyyyyyeah, buddy!

  22. looks like a great thrifting experience! :)

    thanks for commenting and visiting my blog

  23. lovely style. i love your outfit in the third picture. cute!

  24. Hahaha this was so funny. I never have any luck at thrift stores but I keep trying because I see so many people who find cute things!

  25. That store looks like so much fun. And I adore that last outfit. I can't believe you made the shirt from that dress!

  26. Love this post!
    Want to win some super cute jewelry ?
    Enter my give away!

    Love Lupe

  27. I'm so envious I think I might cry. That store looks AMAZING! I want to live there.

  28. oh, you're so funny, I love you! :D
    your white boots - amazing, I'm looking for shoes like these everywhere. lucky you, space cowgirl! you look gorgeous ♥

  29. Grasias por tu commentario y vusita :). I love vintage and I see you do also :) I like your blog I'm following you

  30. haha I loved the pictures in this post, esp your baby daddy chilling in the fitting room chair! Your day sounds like so much fun, and you're right the best matches for thrifters are other thrifters ;)

  31. Finally I have time to read this vintage in Reno story!!!! :)
    Very nice, sounds like you were having a very good run of luck, I never win blog giveaways. Booo lol. Good on you though.
    Love the black and white outfit... Like a stylish, sexy secretary! Haha I want to go to that shop!
    Wow, Kim does looking stunning but they've airbrushed her almost beyond recognition. Flippin heck!! xx


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