Friday, June 3, 2011

Flashback Friday, 2009

So this is me, with my bob back in the day when I lived in Puerto Vallarta and used to walk downtown to go clubbing in my flip flops . As soon as we got into town, I would change my shoes into my heels, stuff my flip flops in my purse and take off my jacket to reveal my freekum dress. This, was real funny to some of my friends. The funniest thing however, was this guy who was awkwardly captured in this picture wearing his police hat as I sat on the first public bench I found. Maybe it is just me who thinks this is so hilarious a "had to be there moment." Either way, I tried. If I failed, I supply you with a flashback jam at the end.

 Happy Friday! My boyfriend is making me go see X-Men with him. I have already seen Thor this year as well as Tron. Apparently we have a big summer ahead of us because more of his movies i.e. Green Lantern and Captain America are coming out. But I guess I have no taste in movies since my favorite movie is Sister Act. So he says. Oh Mar-i-a.


  1. OH darling if only I looked HALF as good as you do with the bob!
    In the heat my hair has a mind of its own and believe me my bob did not stay in place.

    As for X-MEN heart its probably the ONLY action/comic book type movie I would want to see.

    And Yay for Sister Act…go Whoopi lol

  2. Hi, Sophia, You look really cute with the bob cut!

  3. wow, you look so awesome! LOVE your hair

    I love comic book movies (complete geek- but I love Sister Act too) but was a bit bored in X-Men :/

  4. Now I'm feeling better. thank u so much, u're so sweet. (:


  5. aww hahaha your so sweet.
    OMG you look hot in these photos girl, and you rock that bob soooooo well!! :) X

  6. How is Puerto Vallarta?? I have always wanted to visit!

    All the best, Angel

  7. WOW,great reminder!You rock in these pictures!Have a lovely weekend,

  8. Ahahaha, I love your posts!! You're such an entertaining writer- I can just see you whippin out your freakum dress and heels!!! Hahaha

    I want to see Green Lantern but the rest of those just seem like guy movies to me.
    Sister Act till I die!!!... I even have some of the songs on my ipod, lame I know.

    Love the bob btw! xx

  9. pues me gustaba mucho tu corte de pelo de 2009! :)

  10. Oh Maria still gives me Goosebumps...Sister Act Forever.


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