Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Girls II Women

The title was supposed to be an allusion to Boys II Men. Did anyone get it? It's like the time when I tried to make the "Brother Husbands" joke on Facebook alluding to Sister Wives, I thought it was highlarious. The other night my boyfriend was laying down and he started moving all crazy dancing flat on his back and he says, "bacon on a skillet." I asked him if he made it up, he said yes. Then I asked him again, and he said no, it was on a commercial on ESPN. Him using the word "skillet" tipped me off.

So here we are Girls II Women. My nieces and I. One day soon we will all be women, and I'll have to rename the band "Mujeres II Viejitas." Just kidding, I dont have a band. My family spent the night at my parents house and my sister took these photos of us. I really wanted to show you guys my vintage skirt, very beautiful. And my niece wanted to show you her graduation dress, since you all missed her 5th grade graduation. Blogging is just taking the game of dress up to the next level. It beats playing Uno 3 times in a row. That game never ends. Uno? Damn it. U-no u didn't! Draw 2 sucka!

Marissa, is my butt still there? 

Strutting my stuff with this lil diva. Check out the messy bun I gave her, aka "dont mess with me bun."

Coming down the mountain. CAR!

Great find. Maybe one day I'll sell it. 

Special thanks to my sister and nieces for playing along with my silly games. Special thanks to you for visiting. Very special thanks for following. What good is my art if there is no one to see it? 

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  1. Gorgeous photos, skirt and nieces!! You are too funny! I look forward to reading more of your animated and pretty posts!! Love Tori T xxx

  2. Lol Special thank for you being you!
    I heart you

  3. LOVE the colours in the skirt!

    Sarah xxx

  4. Such pretty skirt Sophia.

  5. Love your skirt ! The colors are so vibrant ^^

  6. the vintage skirt is beautiful you're right! you have such a lovely family, it's so cute they played along :P you might wanna check out my blog giveaway - closes on friday :) ronan x

  7. I got "Girls II Women" bit, only another ghetto Mexican would get it,lol
    la falda esta divina amor, me encantan el colory tus nieces estan bien chulas.

  8. That maxi skirt is gorgeous!

  9. Hi!

    Thank you so much for stopping by!:) Now I do follow you as Chrysa Zardava:) My complete name:) I am so sorry:( I thought I already did! Sometimes I have problems with my google account and I cannot follow and then I forget to do so!

    Your skirt has an amazing pattern!:) Very feminine!

    Stories and Sequins

  10. Gorgeous colorful skirts!!! Perfect for the summer season!



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