Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chelsea Lately

On April 20th, My boyfriend, friend, and I went to a 4/20 taping of Chelsea Lately! My friend was in town from Mexico and loves Chelsea as much as me so I looked into getting us tickets to the show which was only a few clicks of work and free! I searched the net for what to expect and found an informative blog that was written in 2009, so it was a bit outdated. Instead of writing every detail I will just create a punch list of dos and donts.

1. Get there 2 hrs early if you want to get a "good" seat. All the seats are good really. Don't think you are going to show up 3 hrs early and get to sit in the 2nd row as we did; those seats are reserved for VIP.
2. Take a book. They collected all the books and Chelsea signed all of them!
3. Get your tickets in advance.
4. Take a jacket. It is chilly when you get into the theatre. It heats up when they turn the lights on.
5. Scream Loudly and catch a Chuy ball.

Chuy balls!

1. Take a camera or cell phone. Leave them in the car. It says it on the freakin tickets. They will send you back to your car which is a nice 4 block walk through L.A.
2. Be worried about using a restroom while you wait. There is a restroom you can use in the cafe next door, Lemon Moon.
3. Be worried about eating. There are delicious food trucks parked in front of the studio as featured on the new series, "After Lately."
4. Take a big Hello Kitty purse. or any big purse. once again, you'll be sent back to your car.
5. Mess with the security guards. This is their job and there are rules they have to enforce. The show is worth any discomfort you will experience.

About Chelsea:
She is skinnier in person, hilarious, and professional. She comes in and spits her monologue, sits at the round table (which they roll away and bring chairs out for the interview section). The show happens exactly as you see it on T.V. no tricks or anything. The set is sooooo much smaller in person. It almost looks cheap. But it all looks good on T.V. We got to see her interview Ziggy Marley and Taylor Momsen. It was also the millionth sale of her first book so we all got a free copy. Such a good day and it was so worth the wait in line.

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