Saturday, April 30, 2011

Venice Beach

So here is my 2nd post from my "Blogging From Abroad" series. I have been in Southern California for 2 weeks, one week of which I was entertaining my friend visiting me from Mexico. YEAH! Spring break baby! We did so much and on this particular day we started at Venice Beach and ended at the Thursday night street fair in Palm Springs. One fun thing about vacation is having to style yourself in advance. I had fun putting all my outfits together and wearing things I'd thrifted but never fixed or styled. The warm weather allowed me to bust out a plethora of options: shorts skirts, long skirts, shorts, dresses, leggings, tights, lalalala....

On this day I wore a long dress I had purchased at the Goodwill. I threw a plain black shirt over it to make it look like a maxi skirt. The extra fabric up top kept me warm and comfy on the beach and windy boardwalk. The freaks kept me entertained. If you ever want to do drugs and art for a living, Venice Beach is the place for you.

Those are animals on my dress/skirt and humans all around me.

Me and my boo who crossed borders and worked 3 jobs to come see me.

I call this one, "Free Bird" after the delicious Mexican chain we had on the brain.
 K rico!

A genie on roller skates playing an electric guitar.

The self proclaimed, "Naked Negro." He stands on one leg on a stool, holds fake snakes in his hands, and reminds women that they are all beautiful and full of love, and to never forget it. He made us feel so sexy. What a champ.

California bitches, I mean beaches.

a Texan and a Mexican. Texmex.

Special thanks to MJ for being brave enough to take pics of the freaks and allowing me access to her fotos.

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