Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Equinox

"How I Spent My Spring Equinox"


First, I looked at the forecast...

Hmm...Thats strange, looks like rain all week! But isn't this the season of bucking burros and "crying" cats? Guess not. Luckily, I thrifted these red boots and fetch furry white Steve Madden coat, or as I like to call it, Steve Mancha, because there is a stain on the hood that I didn't have time to scrub out. I was too eager to wear it bowling with my boyfriend. 

"Don't I look like puss in boots?"
"You look like a rabbit prostitute."
"Thats mean."
"I'm sorry, a high end rabbit prostitute. Like the ones in Vegas."

At the bowling alley, we were told if we waited 15 minutes we could get the 1 dollar game special. So off we went to the bar and I drank a little Mai Thai. And then I drank another, chipped 2 panda nails, and lost 3 games of bowling. But boy I sure was crunk warm in my furry coat. 

Happy "Spring,"



  1. Cute boots!!! Nice look for the spring!!!! :D
    Thanks for your comment!!!

  2. AHhhh you look so cute and cozzy!

    pahaha I dont even give a crap about the anon's - I guess everyone's entitled to their own opinion, don't bother me though - just sad really! LOOOL

    Awww the coat looks soooo cute on you ahahhaa, it looks well warm, I wouldnt be able to wear it now though - it's actually getting warm over here in London yaaaaaaayyy ahahhaa xx


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