Saturday, March 19, 2011

Everlasting Winter

If you are like someone I know, and battle seasonal depression and by seasonal, I mean every season, I feel your pain. Back in November, I wrote myself this list to help myself through what I knew would be a long winter:

1. Stay Caffeinated
2. Stick to your 3 item limit at Taco Bell
3. Exercise, put on some sweats and run down your street like Rocky.
4. Dance, its good for your soul
5. Keep your weekly appointment with your therapist, uh-I mean hired confidant
6. Keep some uplifting reading on your night stand. Im not talking "Eat Pray Love" weak! Im talking 600 pages of the Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath.
7. Take pride in your ride, wash it, vacuum it, its a sense of accomplishment.

And then...some unforeseen events happened. Things my psychic mother couldn't even have predicted. I got a part time job, got a fine baby daddy, and kicked a nasty habit after twenty years (nail biting). I should be out of the woods right? Wrong. Winter still has a hold on me and here on March 19th, I sit typing this through a rainy storm. Here is my attempt to get out of bed and do something with myself.  Yesterday, I spent the day with Beyonce and mines mutual friends: Me, myself, and I. I'm not taking a vow to be my own best friend, I'm just taking a vow to do more with myself. With my existence. More than the minimum. And hopefully, by doing that, I can shake off some of this funk.

Me, Myself, and my tripod. Wait, maybe that was what that whole song was about? 

My black and white handmade floral headband. You cant see the black so much because of the darkness of my Mexican emo hair.

Red floral headband made by me. 

two-headed mad dog Close ups of my headbands

My thinking face. 

My inanimate friends in no particular order:

shirt- thrifted
shorts- they were my dads jeans
headbands- made by me out of cardstock paper, super biodegradable
jade rose ring- Forever 21

Who wants a headband? Email me and Ill sell you one.

Who is scared for my emotional and mental well being? 
-Don't be. I enjoy my solitude. I hate: facebook, phone calls, texts, voicemails ect. I like: emails, coffee, sleep, sun, grammar, beats, and unexpected large sums of money even if they are often accompanied by a premonition in which I lose some or all of my teeth. 

"All the ladies if you feel me, help me sing it out." -B


  1. I looove thosed headpieces. They are darling.

  2. hey, yes i did make my headpiece, love yours and the vibrancy of the red in your room! xx

  3. Ahhh, I LOVE that red headband, so cute! I want >.<

    You are so creative :)


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