Monday, March 14, 2011

A Day in the Bay

I'm going to Golden Gate Park, and I'm taking....

-Tupac Shakur
-My Target tights, over the knees, and boots
-A F21 bandage skirt
-My gifted Guess jacket (from my mom, not the company, I wish...)
-My baby daddy who is not on the male birth control pill because its not on the market yet, but if it was, he still wouldn't take it.
-Some thermals, in case it gets cold, or if we get too crunk to drive home, rent a hotel, and have to wake up early to move the car because parking is a bitch and then end up at McDonalds at 7am, daylight savings time, oh ish, so really 6am, with a fat order and no way to pay for it because the machine is broken for debit and the diva conveniently left her Hello Kitty purse full of cash in the room.

I want this in my backyard.

Just after he...
A. Proposed
B. Shared a Polish dog with me
C. Touched up my lipstick

Twas a trick! B and C. 

Pandas having lunch.

Pandas climbing trees.

You've met my ear right? My knitted bow from a homegirl who has a shop on Etsy but I cant find it...

Can you see where Full House was taped? 

Where MGMT made their video for Electric Feel.

Wow, Im really full of jokes. 
Much Love,


  1. wow, your silver toned rings are incredible, really a nice collection!

  2. Thanks! I have collected them from many different places: my wire wrapped rose is from Seattle, my hammered silver from Mexico, my diamond cluster from JC Penneys, and the armadillo one is from melody ehsani.


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