Saturday, September 8, 2012

Project Style #FNO

So it finally came, the day that seemed as far away as my due date, September 6th, the live style off at Victoria Gardens where I was selected as the wild card contestant in a challenge with 4 other girls to put together an outfit with a $200 dollar gift card to the mall in one hour. I chose to use a model, my friend Maricela, as I felt more comfortable dressing her body than mine that just gave birth 2 weeks ago- that and she has really rad hair. Did I mention this is an outdoor mall? And it's summer? And the stores are spread out like going to another land within Disneyland. Good thing I hydrated with a Hot Dog on a Stick lemonade before hand yay yer #foodcourt.

With my model, Maricela before the competition began. Photo credit: Victoria Gardens FB.

Taking off! 

 The set-up

The first piece I found was the skirt at Guess on the clearance rack, still cost $75.00. It was a black sheer pleated maxi skirt with a mini tribal skirt attached underneath. Since it was so basic, black and white, I knew I had to bring some color.

 From left to right- Maricela, Baby mama, Ellen K (host), and a fellow contestant. Photo Credit: Victoria Gardens FB.

 I told her to work it like Selena on the runway. And then the stage would collapse and I would scream, "But those are my children!" Photo credit- Victoria Gardens FB

That's where the neon shoes came in. I have visions of owning a pair of neon bubblegum pumps and had seen many pairs at Macy's. I ended up purchasing a pair from the sales rack by BCBG for $22.00. HARD CORE SCORE.

 Homegirls since our UCR folklorico days. Viva la danza, viva la raza.

For the top, I left it up to Madonna's daughter's line "Material Girl" also at Macy's. A hot pink sleeveless tank with cut out detailing in the back. The basic yet trendy tank allowed me to bring it with accessories which I also got at Macy's. A gold cuff bracelet, gold collar necklace, and some gold earrings 30% off. Hell, at this point I was able to even throw in a purse which was a small black quilted faux leather one with a gold tone chain. Oh how I wished it were Chanel. I still had $13.00 left on the gift card but the look was complete. We went to the dressing room in Macy's and headed back to the stage where we were the first to arrive. Baby daddy was there and taking photos for me. Finally the event began which was hosted by Ellen K from KIISFM 102.7.

 Group photo. Host Ellen K in the middle. The girl with the striped skirt and black jacket won the $1,000 gift card. Lucky girl, lucky girl. She's going to have a good Xmas this year. Photo credit- Victoria Gardens FB.

I'm an emocita pesimista to begin with- translation- emo pessimist so I didn't have high hopes of winning. Not because I dont believe in myself, just because I don't like to be let down. But then Ellen K went to the audience and asked a random lady which look she liked the best and she said mine because it was "classy." Then Ellen asked Sonia Casta~neda, Youtube beauty guru and she said me as well but maybe she was biased because we are both moms. And then they announced the winner, and it was not me. Afterwards people kept coming up to me telling me I should have won which was really nice. Not cause I was hurt, but because I knew they appreciated my work, my art, styling and the fact that they didn't even know me meant it was sincere. This challenge was truly a challenge for me because as those of you who know me know, I don't really shop at the mall too much. I invest in shoes and then my clothes mostly come from thrift stores. I was unmoved by many of the clothes I saw in the stores. But that's all me, not them. In the end, I fell in love with Maricela's complete look which I know a lot of people did as well. She looked so hot. I'm lucky to have her as a friend/willing participant in my styling dreams. Remember, she is also the model I use for my Etsy shop. I pay her in clothes.

Baby daddy got a fresh cut for the show. I'll be pregnant again soon. 

Dont ask me how we ended up posing our eyes alike. With Izzy aka Isabelsmells, a nice woman who voted for me through out the competition and I didn't even know her in real life until this moment! 

With fellow baby mama, Sonia Casta~neda, Youtube beauty guru and judge. 

If I could style for a living I'd be the happiest girl in the world. Ok woman, cause I'm 28 and pretty sure I was the oldest contestant. If anyone wants to hire me, I'm ready to work. Fashion is my passion. Always has been. In the words of Antoine Dodson, "Thank you! I live, I live."


  1. Oh snap! We are looking different directions! It was nice meeting you finally.

  2. You rocked it girl! Hope you had a lot of fun, sorry I was one crazy woman that night, now I am sick in bed!

  3. hey, i just want to say a massive congrats to you and your man on the birth of your baby girl, she's gorgeous. i dont really blog anymore so havent been reading my blogs regularly and i just saw your post today. wish you all the best for the future!! well done on the style event too. i think your outfit was fab!! :)

  4. amiga, felicidades, you did a great job!!! <3 . i love the outfit you put together!! besitos mama

  5. Pero qué guapísima estás amiga mí.
    Felicitaciones de corazón.

  6. Lovely blog.

  7. You did brilliantly!!! 28? You still looked the hottest chick there, babe! xxx

  8. You look gorgeous and I adore your outfit, not just your model's. But you are a GREAT stylist- and who knows? You're good, hold your breath.

    Baby daddy does rock that hair cut. Looking forward to next scion.

    xo to you, lovely Sopia. You rock.

  9. great job. i'm sorry that you didn't made the 1000 dollars ...

    but especially your yellow shirt id do fun! love it!

  10. HAHAHAHA! I love that you quoted Antoine Dodson!

    I'm so glad to hear that you got another chance. I still think you were robbed the first time around. And now I'm starting to think the man won't let you do yo thang. I kid. But keep on styling your looks...I can't get enough. I also know what you mean about not being very inspired by what they have at the mall. It's all manufactured cookie cutter crap. Well...most of it, not all of it. But it would have been way more fun if they'd let you use at least one vintage item. You know how I love my vintage.

    To answer your preguntita...yes, I have posed by my car before. It was in the background a lot in my old blog. I purposely posed by it to leave my readers with subliminal messages of mustangs and Ron Paul. LOL! That's not true. But I still do have that damned Ron Paul bumper sticker.

    Anyway, maybe I'll post near it again, but I kind of want to wait until I get it repainted (soon...soon!).

    I like this look a lot! Your model is very pretty...and so are you! You actually look younger now that you had a baby. I'm not even kidding!



  11. You did an amazing job styling your friend! amazing!
    I have to ask if you can help me out too!
    as a fellow fashion blogger can you vote for me to be the Ottawa, Canada Fashion blogger for one of our malls here? So similar to what you're doing and even if I dont win I could get 150 dollars (like your wild card!) Voting is today and tmmr and you can vote once a day. PLEAAAASEEEE

    Thank you!

  12. In the styling stakes you totally rocked it. I know what you mean about clothes not moving you in the mall. It's difficult to get excited about a jacket when there is 35 identical jackets in the store. Thrift shopping is exhilarating. You find a jacket, it's perfect, it has a story and that somehow means it's meant for you.

  13. ok you are hilarious. "i'll be pregnant again soon." I LOVE IT. and you did an amazing job and it is so fun to see you two beauties rushing around for the competition. i really do think maricela's look was the best one, although everyone did nice work. the look was elegant and fun all at once and i love the cut-outs on the back of the blouse. this event looked so fun, keep up your good stylin work. and you look crazy good in your heels and bright yellow, can't believe you birthed a child two weeks previously!!!

  14. I need that maxi-skirt! So HOT!
    love how you styled your model :)
    and you crack me UP with your babydaddy jokes... LOL, "i'll be pregnant again soon"
    GIRLFRIEND you better stop that! My sister has a 1yr old and a 1month old and is NONSTOP CRAZY TOWN juggling them both, lol. But they are so effen cute so whatever, women are WARRIORS that is why we get to make the babies. :)


  15. Great job with the challenge! The outfit turned out amazing :) You are looking so happy after the birth of your baby.


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