Friday, September 21, 2012

New In Shop

After a hot, pregnant, summer it was time to get Maricela back in my attic to model some winter wear. Oh how I love exploiting her beauty and figure for my own personal gain. She does not mind because she is my friend, uh right Maricela? Most of the pics feature her with an open mouth mid-joke or wise crack cause that's just how funny we are IRL. We joked that we should have our baby daddy(s) up in the loft with us to write down all our funny jokes. What I can remember of her jokes I use as selling points; furthermore exploiting her on an intellectual property level. "Let the Hunger Games begin!" -Maricela on wearing blazer below that has already sold BTW. That's how good she is.

Sell it girlfriend. Sold.

Black and gold cape. 

Why this photo isnt cropped IDK. Leopard jumpsuit.

 70's floral jumpsuit with inverted pleats.

Black and gold sequin dress just in time for the holidays. I wore it for Thanksgiving last year. 

Chinese inspired number.

80's turquoise blazer

Oversized Southwest boyfriend blazer

Saks Fifth Avenue silk jacket

Tribal print hammer pants

3 tiered ruffly peplumy number

Handmade Guatemalan jacket

Gorgeous vintage knit cape

Mint condition black and white vertical striped dress (prob my fave)

Neon knit sweater from Mervyns of California (RIP, they closed a few years ago).

 "I wore this to my 6th grade graduation" dress

Rhinestone cowgirl romper

Vintage embroidered sweater

I had cut these jeans into shorts but I decided to keep them being as they are a part of my go-to color scheme- black, white, red.
Things took a very grunge turn at the end and we headed outside as we played dress up. Still debating if I should put the Docs in the store, I don't officially know what size they are but she says they fit her and she is an 8.5.

All in a days work, and then multiple days after editing, measuring, and listing. But it's my idea of fun.


Vintage clothing for sale here:


  1. Such beautiful clothing! I adore the first jacket as well as the 70's jumpsuit and the Asian dress. It's posts like these that make me remember why I want to work with vintage clothing.

  2. Holy bejayzus - the JUMPSUIT!!! I am totally in love with the jumpsuit and the two fab capes and the jumpsuit. And also, that jumpsuit is FABULARSE! Sarah xxx

  3. how much for the entire last look? and my Jergens Natural Glow, Gradually Creates Natural-Looking Color lotion obviously doesn't work. and if it does, then i am a vampire.

  4. Your shop is looking so good, you have some great stuff in there. I LOVE that black and gold cape especially. When I finish this weight loss thing I am all over a new wardrobe.
    (and one for baby x)

  5. Gurl- that vintage red white and blue cape needs to go in my closet- how much?

  6. Oh my good god! That jumpsuit is a total dream! I thought I was going to die of envy over those two capes but that psychedelic beauty blew me away! If only I could justify another jumpsuit in my wardrobe. xxx

  7. your thanksgiving dress and the striped dress are uh-maz-ing. Some seriously great pieces in there and wonderful modelling :D


  8. LOVE the 90's look, and those capes are too die for.

    x carlina

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog and a lovely comment!
    Such an awesome blog you got here, u got yourself a new follower gorgeous! xxx

  10. looks you guys had a blast playing dress up : ) you have some amazing pieces btw!

  11. I am lovng the gold Azteca capa!
    too bad the striped number is way too small for my dangerous curves.
    I can totally see VIxcita in the floral jumpsuit.
    We have to meet up when it gets fresco, this heat has me all screwed up.

  12. GIRL! How are you? I feel like I haven't commented on here in forever. Maricela is hella pretty. That black and gold cape she's wearing reminds me of my French Connection skirt. And how cool are those shorts you made? They look like the same cut and shape as the yellow ones I always wear lol. I keep wearing them.

    PS. I LOVE Girl About Town! It's the best pink lipstick :) I wear it with Pink Poodle sometimes too. Oh, and this is mom bought some nopales that look like the ones on top of your blog! They're so cool. They grow into heart shapes.

    Take care, lovely lady!



  13. look how BUSY you are after having a freakin baby. omg damn woman you rule. I cracked up at the Hunger Games comment with that jacket. congratulations and also thank you for bringing a beautiful new raza child into this world. Sochi is really good looking. We don't need no ugly babies up in herr. You look glowing with happiness.

  14. the knit cape the knit cape the knit cape!

  15. Very nice ! I love " Handmade Guatemalan jacket " :)

  16. maricela is smokin!! what a great modelo mija! me fasino el mervyns knit sweater and the 70s floral jumpsuit maaaah gawwwwd!! <3 besos to the sophiasophia clan!

  17. Omigod... so many treasures! Lady friend-- how are you doing all of it? Babies? Vintage? Style competitions??? And BTW, let's see some pictures of that up and coming style guru.

    Hit me up when you're headed this way, mama!


  18. Your creative direction in these photos is spot on. And I have new for you: that jacket in the first picture is a work of art. Actually, that's probably not news to you. Moving on.

    When will you show us a picture of your beautiful little bebe? Or are you not the exploitative parent type? OR are you holding out for a bidding war that will ensue between InTouch Weekly and Us Magazine? Atta girl.

  19. Oh man, I wish that floral jumpsuit was my size - it's FABULOUS!! Sarah xxx

  20. Oh I love that black and gold cape and your graduation dress! A very amazing collection of clothes and your friend looks so sweet in them.

    By the way: Would love to see you as a space cadet ;-) I'm sure you look stunning and rock the universe!


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